Month: <span>October 2019</span>

MYKE the Pharaoh – “Broken/Golden”

MYKE the Pharaoh – “Broken/Golden” – Music Video Release/Review “Dedicated to all those who struggle with addiction and, or mental illness…stay strong.” Like I’ve pointed out on these pages of ours several times throughout the years – it’s all about how you choose to use your platform as an artist.  Sure the world’s likely going […]Read More

Lucid Ending – “Long Live The Joker”

Canadian Alt-Rock band Lucid Ending are busting out a timely release with their new single “Long Live The Joker” amidst the recent success of the new movie with Joaquin Phoenix capturing the interest of the planet – chances are, this four-piece out of Edmonton, Alberta, will catch the curiosity of the people out there looking […]Read More

Kokilla – “Estouro”

Lightin’ it up on your screens and puttin’ the fire in your speakers all the way from Brazil – Kokilla’s got a brand-new single called “Estouro” and a stellar new video to support it.  Trappin’ & rappin with wild effects & colors in the mix to keep you entertained – Kokilla keeps the rhymes & […]Read More

Little Ghost – “Mother Warned You”

Sometime back in March earlier this year, I latched onto the delicate & beautiful sound of Little Ghost after reviewing the Beneath The Surface EP – and I haven’t let go for a moment since.  As far as my ears are concerned, the music of Dustin Sendejas is easily one of the best things I’ve […]Read More

TripLip – “D.I.Y.S”

TripLip – “D.I.Y.S” – Music Video Release/Review Shout-out to TripLip – I’ve been digging this single “D.I.Y.S” since I first heard it; as many of you out there know, I’m always a big fan of artists that genuinely have something to say.  If you had a chance to check out the latest episode of our […]Read More


Official Press Release NasSa recently released an exciting new project that combines the energy of modern hip-hop with the grit of old-school rap. The song is called “Montreal,” and it has a unique sound that is refreshingly unpredictable, yet warmly familiar, offering a great example of the artist’s growth and creative process.  “Montreal” hits hard: […]Read More

Chasbo Zelena – “Sweet Street”

Sweet indeed!  We can fully vouch for that. Chasbo Zelena has got the true spirit of music and more funk/soul in this one song than most bands/artists will find in the span of their entire career.  LISTEN to the energetic spark and vibrant hooks from the music to the microphone on the new single “Sweet […]Read More

Eric McGrath – The Balance For Tranquility

Eric McGrath – The Balance For Tranquility – Album Review Felt like I was lost in a time-warp for a second when I was reading the write-up on the new album from Eric McGrath online, where it goes on to mention this being the first record he’s put out in five years.  As reviewers, we […]Read More

Forest Robots – Times When I Know You’ll Watch The

Forest Robots – Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky – Album Review This is indeed rare.  This is seriously special. I definitely had the feeling that Fran Dominguez was creating something incredible in his laboratory over there in Los Angeles after I checked out a song in the summer called “Inevitable” back in […]Read More