Chasbo Zelena – “Sweet Street”

 Chasbo Zelena – “Sweet Street”

Sweet indeed!  We can fully vouch for that.

Chasbo Zelena has got the true spirit of music and more funk/soul in this one song than most bands/artists will find in the span of their entire career.  LISTEN to the energetic spark and vibrant hooks from the music to the microphone on the new single “Sweet Street” will ya?  This is music that is fully designed to be your soundtrack as you strut down the road, onward towards your next adventure, whatever that may be.  All we can say for sure with 100% certainty, is that if you’ve got “Sweet Street” on in your headphones or wherever you end up – you’re guaranteed to turn good times into great ones real quick!  Brilliantly expressive, lively, and all-out fun really – what Chasbo Zelena has goin’ on with the new single “Sweet Street” is contagious in all the right ways – you WANT to catch this, because missing out on the sheer sonic radness you’ll find on this song would honestly be a crime you should completely be locked away for.  So don’t let that happen!  Do the right thing here, and treat yourself to some seriously radiant vibes with a song that will get you smiling quickly and leave you in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day.  Check out the awesomeness to be found in the video supporting “Sweet Street” by Chasbo Zelena below – your eyes & ears will thank-you for it!

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