Lucid Ending – “Long Live The Joker”

 Lucid Ending – “Long Live The Joker”

Canadian Alt-Rock band Lucid Ending are busting out a timely release with their new single “Long Live The Joker” amidst the recent success of the new movie with Joaquin Phoenix capturing the interest of the planet – chances are, this four-piece out of Edmonton, Alberta, will catch the curiosity of the people out there looking for anything/everything to do with The Joker right now.  And hey – they say the music business is all about timing – so who could blame them for putting this out there right now?  Whether it’s an intentional attempt to grab a piece of that action, or just a killer coincidence, either way, it’s bound to work out in their favor for sure.

With solid riffs and a wicked rhythm section, Lucid Ending struts into this cut with a healthy mix of mid-career Soundgarden slickness and punchy Kyuss-esque grooves.  Definitely one of those really well-balanced tracks that’ll have many of you feeling like the verse outshines the chorus at times – the hooks come at ya from all angles, and that’s something all ears out there are certain to appreciate.  They’ve got a brand-new lyric-video pumped out to support their latest single as well – it’s been a great year for Lucid Ending so far; watch them keep that streak going strong in the right direction with “Long Live The Joker” below!

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