Month: <span>October 2019</span>

Ernest – “Midnight” Feat. Middle Aged Lady

Ernest – “Midnight” Feat. Middle Aged Lady – Single Review Freakin’ geniuses! If you’ve ever experienced the true joy of the musical maze, you’ll know full-well as to why I’m as excited about this new single “Midnight” by Ernest, featuring Middle Aged Lady.  You know what I’m talking about?  I’m talking about heading right on […]Read More

Neon Radiation – “Not Today”

Neon Radiation – “Not Today” – Single Review Synthpop addict Gary Blake is back at it again!  Or…it’s probably more accurate to say, if you follow the guy’s every move as closely as I have been with his project Neon Radiation…well…you know it’s not so much ‘back at it again’ as it is ‘always at […]Read More

I’m Smoking Legal – “Lifted”

I’m Smoking Legal – “Lifted” – Music Video Release/Review Being the 420-friendly site that we’ve always been, we’re proud to introduce ya to I’m Smoking Legal and the brand-new single/video for the song “Lifted” here on our pages at sleepingbagstudios.  If you had a chance to listen to the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, […]Read More

Mad Skulls Poetry – “Apathy”

Mad Skulls Poetry – “Apathy” – Music Video Release/Review Coming to our Canadian pages all the way from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, wayyyyyyy over there in Europe – we’ve got the not-so-subtle intensity of Mad Skulls Poetry in the mix for ya this morning!  A punishing dose of their own brand of “skull metal” […]Read More

Charles Ryan Davis – Six

Charles Ryan Davis – Six – EP Review Busy year for good ol’ Mr. Charles Ryan Davis – Six would be his third record of 2019…at least, so far. When you run into creative & inspired output like this, you really never know, there could still be more to come later on in the final […]Read More

SBS Podcast 078

Stoked to be back on the internet airwaves to get the final quarter of the year goin’ loud & proud on all the right notes! We’ve got a brand-new episode loaded with info & music for ya that you’ll want to tune-in and turn-up for. Solid singles from LoFi Chill, Loaneski, The True CW, Martin […]Read More

Dawn Duchess

Dawn Duchess Interview SBS:  The notorious Dawn Duchess!  Welcome home my friend – it’s great to have you up on our pages once again.  We’ve been rockin’ solid with ya for about three years now…and according to what I know, you’ve been doin’ your thang for about eight-plus at this point.  What would you say […]Read More

The Surgery – “Labyrinth”

Official Press Release The Surgery – “Labyrinth”, released October 11th 2019 A dark drum and bass audio onslaught centred around the theme of youths escaping from their parent’s houses to attend a rave in a disused underground network of tunnels, based around a sample from 1938 Orson Welles record “The Shadow – The Creeper” and […]Read More

Collins And Streiss – “Freedom’s Captive”

Collins And Streiss – “Freedom’s Captive” – Single Review I’d have to be crazy not to support this tune…it’s built of a ton of sounds I’ve grown-up on and loved throughout the years.  To me, the overall influence on this song…or the comparison that most would draw to, is without question R.E.M. – and given […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Drifter”

Solidly chilled-out vibes from Ltronnika on the brand-new single “Drifter” – sounds like another quality tune in the catalog that people are sure to enjoy from this Electro artist.  In fact, this project has had quite the busy year so far – you might remember songs like “One Fine Day” and “Escapade” being posted up […]Read More

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