Kokilla – “Estouro”

 Kokilla – “Estouro”

Lightin’ it up on your screens and puttin’ the fire in your speakers all the way from Brazil – Kokilla’s got a brand-new single called “Estouro” and a stellar new video to support it.  Trappin’ & rappin with wild effects & colors in the mix to keep you entertained – Kokilla keeps the rhymes & rhythm on-point while CAOS BEATS directs the video & keeps the visuals comin’ at ya hot & fresh y’all.  Tippin’ bottles up and roaming the streets looking to supply the menace, music, and mayhem – Kokilla brings the heat to the bars with precision, cleverness to the background layers & vocal-effect, and deep low-end beats to back it all up and make an impact on every set of ears that listen.  Stocked full of finesse and big hooks that are certain to travel far over international waters through the internet & airwaves, Kokilla is making the most of every second on “Estouro” to maximize the entertainment for the people and break new ground all over the world.  Released proudly through the TrapThugBR label – “Estouro” highlights a savage mix of melody and rhythmic flow on the m-i-c and makes it clear for all to hear that Kokilla is ready to take control and take the music to the next-level awaiting – check it out for yourself below!

Find out more about Kokilla at the official Instagram page here:  https://www.instagram.com/KOKILLA08

Find out more about Kokilla and other artists on the TrapThugBR label at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/TrapThugBR

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