Little Ghost – “Mother Warned You”

 Little Ghost – “Mother Warned You”

Sometime back in March earlier this year, I latched onto the delicate & beautiful sound of Little Ghost after reviewing the Beneath The Surface EP – and I haven’t let go for a moment since.  As far as my ears are concerned, the music of Dustin Sendejas is easily one of the best things I’ve heard come out of Nashville in years – I think the sincerity & melody this dude packs into his songs as Little Ghost is as top-shelf as it gets…the kind of combination of humble subtlety that truly stands out.  So believe me when I say, I’m freakin STOKED to have this guy back in the mix much earlier than anticipated; and as expected, he’s done an exceptional job with the brand-new single by Little Ghost, called “Mother Warned You.”

And here’s the thing…when you make great music, the people come out to support ya – and that can happen any time, even when you might not expect it, as you’ll see in the video for “Mother Warned You.”  Dustin starts this song off solo…which is kinda what you’d figure, given that he’s the main member of Little Ghost & all – but as the song plays on, you’ll see a whole room-full of people slowly fill the frame of the video surrounding Sendejas from all sides, and begin to sing along.  It makes for a wonderful moment and a whole lotta fun at the same time – Little Ghost does an excellent job of keeping this video simple & sweet, showing you the magic of music onscreen and how it brings people (a whole lot) closer together.  As intimate & special as the signature sound of Little Ghost continually reveals itself to be, “Mother Warned You” fills your heart with charming & comforting sound every bit as much as this video fills the screen with people – and together, they create a memorably warm experience that you can feel.  Beautiful stuff through & through – from the speakers to the screen, Little Ghost invites you (and a whole lot more people) in to listen to “Mother Warned You” – it exemplifies the sweetness in the songwriting & sound of this project, and illustrates it perfectly for you onscreen through the cleverness of the video supporting it.  I love the way this song & story unfolds – check out “Mother Warned You” below!

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