TripLip – “D.I.Y.S”

 TripLip – “D.I.Y.S”

TripLip – “D.I.Y.S” – Music Video Release/Review

Shout-out to TripLip – I’ve been digging this single “D.I.Y.S” since I first heard it; as many of you out there know, I’m always a big fan of artists that genuinely have something to say.  If you had a chance to check out the latest episode of our show SBS Live This Week, you had the opportunity to see TripLip’s words for yourself onscreen through his brand-new lyric-video supporting “D.I.Y.S” – and like I mentioned on the show in my rant about the guy, hopefully his lyrics made an impact on ya.  They’ve made one on me – I thought this dude did a killer job of detailing what’s important in the pursuit of art, or hell, LIFE all-around really – he’s got an insightful single that’s both personal, and applies to us all.

The thought-provoking nature of “D.I.Y.S” can’t be denied.  Not only is the lyricism on-point, but the minimalist design of the music gives his words the opportunity to land in your ears through the clever use of space & pacing, not over-stuffing the atmosphere in an effort to make sure his thoughts reach us.  The curious sound of the beat & music also keep us engaged and interested…and ultimately, that has us hanging on to every word as it plays on – and that’s exactly what you want in a song like “D.I.Y.S.”

On SBS Live This Week I talked a lot about how to use your platform when it came to the music of TripLip – and of course, I stand by all the points I made.  I think what the man has written stretches so far beyond himself and forces us to hold up a mirror to our own lives; it’s a really smart use of his time that allows him to vent on a personal level, while still creating a compelling song that makes us think about how we use our own time as well.  Are you doing everything you can to maximize your potential and push towards a better tomorrow?  Or are you sitting there satisfied with a mediocrity you can’t seem to break away from?  These are the kind of questions that TripLip has you asking about yourself.

And truthfully, some of you out there, likely aren’t going to like what you find when you think about how this applies to your own life – but that’s OKAY…if you’re reading this right now, that means you’ve got a heartbeat and a pulse still – you’ve got the time to change your story, always.  As TripLip will tell you himself in “D.I.Y.S” – “Don’t lie on the death bed with regret/failure onset as your final breath left/there’s no reason to feel this way/improve on yourself each and every day” – I couldn’t have put it better myself.  I also really dig that, while he might be conceivably raging against the dying of the light, he’s found a way to spin the majority of this cut into a seriously positive and inspiring track that is fully designed to provoke and inspire YOU to become the best version of yourself.  He’s clearly not just spitting out thoughtless words – these are anything but – and it’s equally clear that he’s not just talking, he’s owning these lyrics with the confidence that tells you he’s LIVING them & ready to lead by example.

What I can tell ya for sure, is that these words are going to reach many of you at a time where you need to hear them most…and in my heart of hearts, I truly hope that what TripLip has created here lights a fire under your ass.  I hope what he’s written here encourages you artists out there to really consider your own words…and that the next time you create something, you write something you can be proud of.  You’ve got a unique platform, and as artists, you’ve all got the gift of expression & desire to use it – the point that TripLip is making on “D.I.Y.S” through his tale of self-reflection and objective musings, is that not too many people out there use it for the greater good – and with some effort, they certainly could.  The real point he’s making, is that there’s no excuse not to – and he makes that concrete for us by paving the way…creating a song like “D.I.Y.S” serves a much greater purpose than just a personal one.  He’s intentionally antagonistic in all the right ways on this single, making you look “deep inside your soul” to discover the truth, the potential, and the gifts you have as artists.  The same very gifts that could easily go to waste if you let’em – and clearly, TripLip is determined to not let that happen to himself, or to YOU.  Listen to his words on “D.I.Y.S” and let’em sink in…you’ve got choices to make, you’ve got options…and ultimately, you’ve got the ability to make an impact on others in this lifetime.

How you choose to spend your time is fully up to you and you alone – but I’d imagine there’s not a single one of you out there that wants to reach the end and feel like you accomplished nothing with it.  Songs like “D.I.Y.S” are a bold reminder to get out there and get after it – to give life everything you’ve got and settle for nothing less; the world needs a whole lot more of words like these ones from TripLip.

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