Official Press Release

NasSa recently released an exciting new project that combines the energy of modern hip-hop with the grit of old-school rap.

The song is called “Montreal,” and it has a unique sound that is refreshingly unpredictable, yet warmly familiar, offering a great example of the artist’s growth and creative process.  “Montreal” hits hard: the song has a really crisp production tone, which enhances the listening experience, as well as highlighting the natural perks of NasSa’s charismatic vocals.  The low end is punchy and direct, while the top end is silky and smooth, allowing the sound to shine, even when listening to it on tiny laptop speakers!  Whether you enjoy this production on your best headphones or on a smaller system, you will have the chance to enjoy a world-class sound, that fuels the appeal of this release.  With stunning melodic layers and edgy vocal hooks, NasSa will capture your imagination and fill your head with tuneful music that will certainly make its way through your favorite heavy rotation playlist.

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