Month: <span>December 2018</span>

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams – Album Review I’m rootin’ for this guy to succeed…it’s still early in Jason’s career by any measure, but there’s definitely something unique in the passion that this guy has for making music that you can certainly hear.  Seems like Daniels is a good dude with great intentions & ambitions…and […]Read More

Elton P. & Borges – “Waste”

Elton P. & Borges got a few thangs to get off their chest yo – so listen up!  A collaboration that brings swagger, charisma, and wild personality to the m-i-c, each emcee delivers in their own serious style, flexing versatile bars that bend to their will & skills throughout the new single “Waste.”  Deadly vibes […]Read More

Gp – Swen

Gp – Swen – EP Review Well now…this emcee is havin’ some fun ain’t he? Whether or not Gp is trippin’ out farther than you can travel with him, that might be another story. Put it to you this way…you’re not gonna find too much out there right now that’s gonna remind you of or […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Building Up”

Trey Wonder – “Building Up” – Music Video Release/Review As I’ve often said, videos can be about many, many things beyond the music…sometimes they can be a straight-up window right into the soul of an artist, whether or not it’s even intentional.  Sure you can do major plotline movie-like things…but quite often, you’re not gonna […]Read More

Sad But Sober – Soundcloud Singles

Sad But Sober – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Considering the fact that Sad But Sober just started releasing music online this year, you gotta appreciate how cohesive the style of sound he’s chosen to work with is – it’s music with a genuine perspective…based in Hip-Hop and fractured emotional atmospheres haunting the vibes he […]Read More

Adel Aasher – “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You”

Going cross-cultural here this morning at the page!  Adel Aasher’s brand-new single/video for “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You” examines the lengths a person will go to in order to hang on to love and what they’re willing to do to keep it.  With stunning technique & tone in his voice that brings bold emotion […]Read More

Brandon – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

“I smoke another one for my stress, stress, stress.”  True that homie – don’t mind if I do. Brandon!  Mixin’ it up with his Beamer in the parkin’ lot & havin’ himself a drank or two while droppin’ some bars for y’all to hear.  Produced by Poloboy 81 – “Yeah Yeah Yeah” has this emcee […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2018 3/4 Update!

Seriously incredible!  Votes continue to pour in supporting this year’s list of nominees!  Thank-you so much to all who have voted so far – keep that momentum going strong through the holidays and continue to rock the vote here at SBS up to 10x per day until December 31st at midnight – do that at […]Read More

FZY – “Compatability – Voice Of Treason”

FZY – “Compatability – Voice Of Treason” – Single Review Way back when I started things up here at SBS, I had the honest intentions of being able to remember each and every artist/band I’ve ever worked with.  Keep in mind, even attempting to do something like that over the years to follow is going […]Read More

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid – Music Video Release/Review Y’all already know I’ve always got time for that good-good positivity in Hip-Hop – and this collaboration from Way-Z and Trace The Kid is a fine example of pretty much all the values we believe in here at SBS.  Championing on behalf of the […]Read More