Adel Aasher – “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You”

 Adel Aasher – “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You”

Going cross-cultural here this morning at the page!  Adel Aasher’s brand-new single/video for “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You” examines the lengths a person will go to in order to hang on to love and what they’re willing to do to keep it.  With stunning technique & tone in his voice that brings bold emotion to the visuals you’ll see on screen supporting Adel’s latest tune, it’s like he’s got his own mini-movie and cinematic experience for ya in the end results of “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You.”  Love can be a beautiful thing – but it can also be dangerously powerful thing too…and you never know which until you’re already in the middle of it all – Adel Aasher does a great job of bringing this to the screen & speakers on his latest single – check out “Oh Baby I Can’t Leave You” below!

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