SBS Best New Sound 2018 3/4 Update!

 SBS Best New Sound 2018 3/4 Update!

Seriously incredible!  Votes continue to pour in supporting this year’s list of nominees!  Thank-you so much to all who have voted so far – keep that momentum going strong through the holidays and continue to rock the vote here at SBS up to 10x per day until December 31st at midnight – do that at the link at the top of our homepage, or click this spot right here if you like!  Cycling into the final part of our competition – we go dark for updates from now until the final declaration of our Best New Sound – so make sure you get those votes in cause this is the last look you’ll get at where things are at until that magical moment!  Help your favorites finish strong or help push this year’s winner over the finish line – the top three continue to put the squeeze on the rest, but there’s still plenty of time to rally the troops for one last massive charge forward to the ballot box and help us find who ultimately deserves the esteemed honor of joining West My Friend, Count The Thief, The Quality Of Mercury, & last year’s winner Sienná on our wall of fame, immortalized as our official Best New Sound of 2018.

The search is still far from over so keep those votes coming in!

Your three-quarter standings are as follows:

This Is Decibel – 49.3%

Armada Named Sound – 30.1%

D.Ni.L – 10.3%

I, Useless – 4.4%

onetwothreescream – 2.5%

Acharya – 1.9%

Maxsel – >1%

Ed Hale – >1%

Armonite – >1%

David Gielan – >1%


"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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