Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid

 Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid – Music Video Release/Review

Y’all already know I’ve always got time for that good-good positivity in Hip-Hop – and this collaboration from Way-Z and Trace The Kid is a fine example of pretty much all the values we believe in here at SBS.  Championing on behalf of the people – on behalf of YOU & the community out there – you gotta admire the intentions of this collaborative effort just as much as you gotta dig the vibe they’ve created.  “Together” is a cut designed to encourage the woke and rally the rest of the people to wake up and realize that “Together” and united, we’re the most powerful force for change the world will ever know.

And I ask you fantastic people out there – what better way to go about communicating these messages than by putting them out there in a collaboration, displaying the unity “Together” will speak on right down to the roots of how it all starts right here between the two artists on the mic, Way-Z and Trace The Kid.  But that’s how real change starts – I don’t need to explain that to these two.  They know what they’re doing, and they confidently bring the words of this single to a meaningful & memorable place that’ll make a genuine impact on the hearts, minds, & souls of the people out there listening.  The bars & hooks of “Together” have the personality, charisma, skill, & passion required to bring the words to life in a way that’ll connect listeners to the shift of mindset & movement they’re advocating on behalf of.  They drop intense & inspired bars full of relevant insight, knowledge bombs, and an impressively rhythmic & sharp flow; they echo the sincerity of the words perfectly in the hooks and sing them soulfully, adding more edge to the performance as the song plays on, again, smartly communicating the authentic desire to be heard, wake up the sleeping, and rally the people “Together” for a better tomorrow.  Or better put, as detailed perfectly in the spirit, energy, and words of their own – “This is for those who imagine things happening, bigger than the average dream…”  True that homies, true that.  Don’t think they’re sleepin’ or have their heads in the clouds though – these two prove that they’re aware, focused, confident, armed with knowledge, and ready to be on the front-lines of change.

From intentions to sentiment, music to the microphone, Way-Z and Trace The Kid get the message across perfectly, making the song relatable in content, vibe, and the complex emotions that “Together” will examine along the way.  Lyrically, the imagery & detail is absolutely solid – enhanced even more by the incredibly well assembled lyric-vid for this single that’ll get those words poppin’ onscreen for all to see as they hear’em.  But that’s really the bottom line here…see them, hear them, feel them – understand them…that’s what it all leads to; music has always played a pivotal role in the education of the people and rallied them to greater causes than any one of their own individual needs multiple times throughout history.  Way-Z & Trace The Kid have created a cut that’s completely relevant for the message that the world needs to truly hear most right now – a genuine call for unity between us all and the recognition of what a beautiful place we’re capable of creating.  Keep that in mind y’all – we’re capable of it…we’re not there yet though – and that’s where these two artists come in to help guide us & lead the way by moving us all in a positive & forward-thinking direction that we can all stand behind.  The world could use a whole lot more artists like Way-Z and Trace The Kid at the moment; whether it’s intentional or not (it is) – there’s an excellent chance that it’s tracks exactly like “Together” that’ll inspire a whole lot more emcees and collaborations of all kinds to join forces in the future to be that change we know is possible & kick this planet into the sense of community, humanity, and kindness we know it’s got the potential for.  From what it sounds like here on this single, we’ll be makin’ that change in style.

We in this together,” as they’ll tell ya on this song…truer words have never been spit or spoken.

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