Elton P. & Borges – “Waste”

 Elton P. & Borges – “Waste”

Elton P. & Borges got a few thangs to get off their chest yo – so listen up!  A collaboration that brings swagger, charisma, and wild personality to the m-i-c, each emcee delivers in their own serious style, flexing versatile bars that bend to their will & skills throughout the new single “Waste.”  Deadly vibes in the music, solid visuals to go along with it in the video supporting it, great movement & pace…”Waste” has venom running through the mix & drippin’ from the mic – Elton P. & Borgess clearly ain’t playin’ around here.  Don’t get caught sleepin’ on’em and don’t “Waste” their time by not listening – do the right thing and click play below!

Find the new single “Waste” by Elton P. & Borges at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/album/4k0BaxFb1Oxcb5mKLPxwWu

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