Month: <span>August 2018</span>

ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee

ODELLA – “Shine” Featuring Ivory Lee – Single Review Not gonna lie…from the professional look of ODELLA’s main site I was expecting something…hmm…I suppose something that wasn’t this!  I feel like maybe it looks like it’s built for a more traditional style of music or something…that’s not a knock against ODELLA, just an observation…I’m more […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”

The Marica Frequency – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” – Single Review Been a big fan of this band since first hearing them back in…beginning-ish of 2017 I believe…started with a video we posted up for the single “Hallowed Ground” by The Marica Frequency, which was where I formed my first positive opinion of the vibe […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Magnificent

Ronald Williams – Magnificent – Album Review Full disclosure…I’ve had a few conversations with Ronald Williams behind the scenes here…gotta say – I like this dude…the man has a good head on his shoulders and just like many of you independent musicians, bands, and artists out there – he’s got that sincere desire to communicate […]Read More

Knowbodi – “The Independence”

“I had bars before they had prison cells.” Suppose it’s possible – ain’t no doubt that Knowbodi can rap, that’s definitely a thang.  Grounded in the quintessential vibes of Hip-Hop, Knowbodi drops relevant knowledge-bombs on ya like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, & Common – that captivating combination of important information, insightful social commentary, and […]Read More

Benny Charles – Rhythm, Blues, & Gospel – A Story

Benny Charles – Rhythm, Blues, & Gospel – A Story Of Love, Hope, & Faith – Album Review Now that’s the way to open a record!  Especially when we’re talking about the faith-based music-scene – we’re all kind of conditioned to expect an acoustic guitar to come out with some variation on the same old […]Read More

J.Asadi – Lazarus Experiment Sampler

J.Asadi – Lazarus Experiment – Album Sampler/Singles Review Well hot damn, I think I just found my new anthem for the rest of the summer at least! J.Asadi has got a record coming out soon, it’s called Lazarus Experiment…just so happens I got myself a few of these cuts in advance on the down-low…so I’m […]Read More

Stephon Foster – “Panties”

Stephon Foster – “Panties” – Single Review Stephon!  Tell us how you really feel will ya? I’m playin’ around with her of course…believe me, she’s not the kind of artist to hold anything back.  You’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt what she’s singing about on her new single “Panties” – this is some […]Read More

SBS Podcast 055

Back again friends! Kickin’ it here in August with another spectacular playlist for your summer – you know how we do it here on the SBS Podcast! Come check out music from Martin Del Carpio, Plike, Fraction & Finsta, Sienná, MADIO, Koncrete Examples, Peter Porker, Voluptas Mors – and we’ll take you further into the […]Read More

David Gielan – Where The Heart Breaks

David Gielan – Where The Heart Breaks – Album Review I’ve had a pretty good run this week…there’s really been some fantastic singer/songwriters and powerful new voices out there in the scene popping up here at the page – and here’s another one.  Based out of LA, David Gielan is definitely an artist I’d easily […]Read More

Bianca M – “Hello World”

LISTEN to the powerfully emotive & expressive vocals from singer/songwriter Bianca M on her latest single “Hello World” – she’s absolutely exceptional and a tremendous talent out there in the scene.  A positive force and a true light in this world, Bianca M sets herself amidst a dramatic & theatrical style & epic sound on […]Read More

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