Month: <span>December 2017</span>

SBS Podcast 039

Come join us as we celebrate the reader-voted past four winners of our annual quest for the BEST NEW SOUND of the year at SBS!   The last episode of the year features music from: West My Friend (2014 Winner) “When The Ink Dries”/”Thin Hope”/”Ode To Sylvia Plath” Count The Thief (2015 Winner) “Lights”/”Bring Up […]Read More

Your Official BEST NEW SOUND of 2017!

Thank-you to all the incredible people out there that came out to vote in this year’s quest for the BEST NEW SOUND of 2017! All-in-all, definitely another successful adventure – we had nearly 3x the amount of votes as we had last year! And as those votes came in, day after day & update after […]Read More

Minoo – Bangers Must Die! Sampler

Minoo – Bangers Must Die! – Album Sampler/Singles Review According to what I’ve been reading on Polish producer Minoo, Bangers Must Die! is the fourth full-length record he’s put out, this latest one due just around the corner in the New Year, being released officially in 2018.  Keep an eye out for this guy…maybe an […]Read More

Mz Veronica Lee – “Santa Baby”

The holidays aren’t over yet – the stunning Mz Veronica Lee has got one more carol to put into your Christmas season before the New Year begins!  Check out her sultry spin on the classic mix of naughty & nice on her version of “Santa Baby” in her latest video below! Find more music & […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – Metamorphosis Sampler

Andrew Farstar – Metamorphosis – Album Sampler/Singles Review Neat story behind the music of singer/songwriter Andrew Farstar…when you read about how his worldly experience and capabilities for language are concerned, you gotta hand it to this guy for finding a way to incorporate a whole heck of a lot into his art.  For instance…fun FACT […]Read More

Jana Pochop – “Money & Heart”

Jana Pochop – “Money & Heart” – Single Review Welcome to a review on the polymorphic music made by the impossible-to-categorize artist known as Jana Pochop…just gonna be straight-up with you all right off the bat, despite all the great things I’m about to say about her, we are not related, at least as far […]Read More

The Rhetoriks – “Unspoken (Simone Castagna Remix)”

The Rhetoriks take us even further down the rabbit hole with yet another incredible variation of their hit single “Unspoken.”  With excellent, constantly moving visuals to support the new perspective and twists put into “Unspoken” on the ‘Simone Castagna Remix’ – The Rhetoriks can’t seem to lose with this song no matter who puts their […]Read More

SlickMick – “Against The Wild”

The adventures of rapper SlickMick continue…he’s still hatin’ on cars & still not lovin’ police.  Legend has it, SlickMick got hit by a car and lost his MEMORY???  CHECK HIM OUT!!!  Have a listen to his brand-new single “Against The Wild” below! Find more music & videos from SlickMick’s official channel at YouTube here: […]Read More

3/4 Standings For Best New Sound 2017!

Last update before the final verdict!  Thank-you all for the incredible enthusiasm and votes during the first 3/4 of our reader-vote for BEST NEW SOUND 2017!  Continue to vote until Dec. 30th at midnight!  If you cast your ballot and you want to vote again, you can do that up to seventeen times a day…be […]Read More

Artdayn – Soundcloud Singles

Artdayn – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review Alrighty people…time for some of that good-good stuff that should make you grin one way or the other – either you’re going to find the clever lines from Artdayn bringing that smile to your face, or it’ll be the flawless way these tracks come out – like I […]Read More