Month: <span>December 2017</span>

Voluptas Mors – Imagination

Voluptas Mors – Imagination – Album Review If any of you out there have been wondering which genre snags my interest just by seeing it written before I even hear the music, it’s Trip-Hop.  Without question, that’s my favorite genre on the entire planet…very rarely will any other genre show you a true glimpse into […]Read More

Nias – “Without You”

Check out Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer Nias through the video for “Without You.”   Creating a ballad from a fusion of soulful style on the mic & jazzy melodies in the music, Nias and guest-star Ming sing fantastically smooth and spot-on in this passionate & heartfelt single, combining their stunning vocals together for a genuinely sincere sound that […]Read More

The Post Production – The Post Production

The Post Production – The Post Production – EP Review Well here we go…this is new!  Hand it to the duo from Comox Valley known as The Post Production – there’s a swift & smart mix of creativity & commitment that rips through the writing and performances on the six cuts from their debut self-titled […]Read More

1/4 Standings For Best New Sound 2017!

Thank-you all for the incredible enthusiasm and votes during the first quarter of our reader-vote for BEST NEW SOUND 2017!  Continue to vote until Dec. 30th at midnight!  If you cast your ballot and you want to vote again, you can do that up to seventeen times a day…be patient with the ol’ system though…if […]Read More

Bridgez – “Everythings A Go / Woke Up”

“Find what you love and grind ’til it pay.”  Preach! Get out your bong & light up those shrubs – we’ve got your new smokin’ song right here with the latest tune from Bridgez!  Check out his dope new video for “Everythings A Go / Woke Up” and dig this beat – this whole track […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 076

Come check out the latest episode of SBS Live This Week, featuring a video-interview with guest Tom Moorhouse of Moorhouse! Bonus video from The Death Particle featuring The Cellophane Heart & a spotlight on the music of Nick de la Hoyde + brand-new vid!Read More

Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close”

Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close” – Music Video Release/Review Been a fantastic day for checking out videos and it’s not even noon here at the studio yet! Check out the latest from singer/songwriter Nick de la Hoyde in the video/single “Hold Me Close” below…then we’ll discuss! Awesome right?  You’ll find us blasting […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – “Life In Lofi”

Armada Named Sound – “Life In Lofi” – Music Video Release/Review Over the course of the past five years or so that I’ve spent writing reviews and listening to the music that comes through sleepingbagstudios, there are certain names that I’ve come to find are essentially synonymous with quality – and Armada Named Sound is […]Read More