Month: <span>December 2017</span>

SBS Best New Sound 2017 – Nominations Start Today!

As always, I’m incredibly stoked to share this year’s entire list of amazing artists/bands that made the top-ten list and EXCITED to see who ends up being our reader-voted BEST NEW SOUND of 2017!  Lists like these are painstaking to make!  I agonize over this stuff, I truly do…but it’s all in good fun & […]Read More

Kemikal Storm – Memories

Kemikal Storm – Memories – EP Review You didn’t think I’d FORGET these guys had a brand-new record out today, did you? After whetting the appetite and setting the stage for what’s to come with the release of their single “Spiritual Rebirth,” the duo of Kemikal Storm has been at the forefront of my mind.  […]Read More

Emperor – “Living Room Freestyle”

Emperor – “Living Room Freestyle” – Music Video Release/Review “It’s Emperor on the mic!” Yessir, it certainly IS.  This guy’s got solid skills – don’t be caught sleepin’ on this now…hit up the video below and let’s talk through the many things that Emperor’s got goin’ RIGHT with his music. Treating us all like family, […]Read More

Giichi – “YKYLIT”

Everything you need to know about this new cut is written right there on the official posting – it says: “Giichi – You Know You Like It.”  We’d have to say he was right about that…smooth cut, solid vocals and an enticing electro-beat, combined with a killer video that looks spectacular in above/below-water scenery – […]Read More