Month: <span>December 2017</span>

Phillip Broussard – Wavelength

Phillip Broussard – Wavelength – EP Review Fun FACT and insider pro-tip you likely won’t find anywhere else – Phillip Broussard’s new EP called Wavelength has a track-listing that features five songs in reverse alphabetical order. Of course, that’s just something strange that happened to catch my eye as I was starting to listen to […]Read More

JUSHAUN – “Bank Account (Remix)”

“A lot of emcees got no heat.” Let’s just say that rapper JUSHAUN is not one of those emcees that has any kind of issues with the thermostat – this guy SCORCHES the mic on the bars of his new cut “Bank Account (Remix),” released officially on Christmas of this year.  So if Santa missed […]Read More

AymanX – “Pronto” Featuring Nakfa & Kobbie

AymanX – “Pronto” Featuring Nakfa & Kobbie – Single Review It’s funny…no sooner did I get into the hooks of “Pronto” and noticed the background layer echoing ‘moneyyyyyyyyy’ in a way that got me grinnin’ – I look down at the comments laid down by the people at Soundcloud where this is posted up and […]Read More

AymanX – “Foreign”

AymanX – “Foreign” – Single Review The way that I see it, until that strange day comes for me where I all of a sudden believe that a certain new genre, whatever it might be in the future, comes along and I think it has nothing to offer, I’m not really old…I just have a […]Read More

Play Pretend – Bandcamp Singles

Play Pretend – Bandcamp Singles – Singles Review Alright…here’s what I can tell you right off the bat – if this new Colorado-based duo is going to sound anything like they are on the first track I checked out called “Black Cat Blues” – they’re gonna be BIG.  Sometimes it’s shocking what you can find […]Read More

1/2 Standings For Best New Sound 2017!

Thank-you all for the incredible enthusiasm and votes during the first half of our reader-vote for BEST NEW SOUND 2017!  Continue to vote until Dec. 30th at midnight!  If you cast your ballot and you want to vote again, you can do that up to seventeen times a day…be patient with the ol’ system though…if […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 077

Check out part II of our interview with Tom Moorhouse of Moorhouse Studios, with bonus music from our featured guest & classic videos from the show’s past with Kenner and Colorstarr in the mix!Read More

Nancy & The Tru Believers – “Let’s Celebrate Jesus”

The energy and enthusiasm have no limits on the brand-new Gospel-fusion track from Nancy & The Tru Believers – this talented crew has got the SPIRIT!  You can hear the passion in their vocals & music every second of the way through their latest single, “Let’s Celebrate Jesus,” they all put in a performance so […]Read More

Hardened And Tempered – The Trailer Sessions

Hardened And Tempered – The Trailer Sessions – Album Review You know…if I’m being as honest with you all as I always am…this record took me some convincing. When Hardened And Tempered started motoring through The Trailer Sessions with their quaint storyteller-folk style on “My Wildest Ride,” my first thoughts were about the killer production, […]Read More

J90 – “H8TER”

J90 is in the house and ready to call out all-a-y’all drinkin’ the Haterade out there on his new single “H8TER” – and the dude sounds serious, so listen up!  Rappin’ in that modern-day rhythmic Trap-style, J90 puts the art of the flow on display over the bars of his latest cut & supported the […]Read More