Month: <span>September 2017</span>

Jennifer Hope – “My December”

Jennifer Hope – “My December” – Single Review The wounds are still plenty fresh and the effects of the tragic death of Linkin Park’s core member Chester Bennington are continually sinking-in with us all day after day as we realize more and more how much music he contributed to our world…and just how much of […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 073

Part II of the madness & mayhem with Helsinki, Finland’s own lovable, snuggly & warmest band, Charming Timur! Come check out the rest of what Santeri Lohi of CT has to say to us & check out the scenery with him as we talk about all-things-music and whatever else is on his mind.  Music from […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 072

The day is here, the time is NOW! Charming Timur is on SBS Live This Week with Santeri Lohi answering a ton of our questions on Part 1 of a video-interview! Music from your main guest + killer animated bonus video for the new single “The Brainwashers” from Jack Of None!Read More

Aidan Koop – Context, Sensitivity, for the purpose of feeling

Aidan Koop – Context, Sensitivity, for the purpose of feeling – EPs In Review Three projects on the go from the young ambient/instrumental artist known as Aidan Koop – that’s not just one big long title up there, it’s referring to separate EPs.  Makes sense when you read into Koop’s social media and places where […]Read More

Russell Lee – “Meant To Be”

Russell Lee – “Meant To Be” – Single Review You know…Russell Lee has caught me at the right time with this one.  Anyone out there catch that debut episode of Tales From The Tour Bus just the other day?  I sure did…and I was glued.  I was glued to the story of legendary Country artist […]Read More

ASECARD – “Hold It Down”

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that when you see a bottle of Henny in the first shot of a video, it’s fair to expect some mayhem to follow!  Rapper ASECARD has a brand-new cut that just hit the net called “Hold It Down” – this new track is hot off […]Read More

LAPP – “Sunny”

LAPP – “Sunny” – Single Review Somebody explain to me what’s not to like when it comes to the music of LAPP! When we first latched onto the LAPP sound earlier this year with the release of the single “Most Doubt” in early January, dude made a quick impression & impact through a highly versatile […]Read More

G.H. Hat – “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)” Feat.

G.H. Hat – “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)” Feat. Mickey Shiloh – Single Review If there’s one thing my ears appreciate these days, it’s when they hear something fresh.  Whether that’s through the energy, ideas or an all-new sound…any of those three elements are more than acceptable – I just want music that feels, […]Read More

Jonwah Actual – “You’re My Kind”

Jonwah Actual – “You’re My Kind” – Single Review Yaaaaaaaa!  I can definitely get behind this tune!  Jonwah Actual has a new label, a new single, sounds like maybe even a new lease on life from the vibrant way that “You’re My Kind” has come out.  Point being – things are headed in all the […]Read More

Nino Million – “Bumpa”

You know…sometimes you just wanna track that’s gonna set the whole party loose – and that’s what you get here with “Bumpa,” the new single from rapper Nino Million.  Not only does it have that wild electro-club beat driving the energy of the track, but the music-video for “Bumpa” turns up the heat while you […]Read More