Month: <span>September 2017</span>

Ella Maddux – “Anybody’s Guess”

Ella Maddux is a shining example of an artist that will fill you with hope for the future.  Fun fact – she’s only ELEVEN years old right now…and she’s already got well more than twenty-thousand views & listens on her brand-new single/video for her song “Anybody’s Guess” – how awesome & inspiring is that?!?  You’ll […]Read More

The Foshays – “’Til It’s Gone”

The Foshays – “’Til It’s Gone” – Single Review Well these guys seem like they’re having fun – sounds like it too! The Foshays are a band based out of Minneapolis Minnesota…a four piece consisting of Harry, Freddy, Franky and Joey that not only bring their own talent to the band, but also make it […]Read More

Yellow Paper Planes

As some of you out there already know, I’ve been harassing people at random out there on the internet to bring some new interviews to the pages here and find out what’s up in the independent music-scene…our first victim of the month has officially responded!  Below you’ll find answers from Joshua P. James of Yellow […]Read More

Zayed Hassan – “Cat Is Cute” Feat. Anna Belle

Zayed Hassan – “Cat Is Cute” Feat. Anna Belle – Single Review Ahhh the internet is a beautiful thing when it comes to finding unique tunes ain’t it?  I’ll put it to you this way…I’ve just discovered the new track from Zayed Hassan called “Cat Is Cute” featuring the vocals of Anna Belle…and I still […]Read More

Sky Gandy – “Pictures”/”Schwag”

Sky Gandy – “Pictures”/”Schwag” – Singles Review So…here’s why it’s always important to shout yourself out when sending your music around the internet to different reviewers and at least provide a few details; I’m a resourceful guy when it comes to finding out information on an artist but this has been a maze & a […]Read More

Dale Sechrest – The Journey Album Sampler

Dale Sechrest – The Journey – Album Sampler/Singles Review Dale Sechrest…sir…you’ve got that positivity I’m looking for right now.  After two days of being absolutely flattened by the end of summer flu…I felt like something that had a sweet & invitational sound to it and these new songs from Sechrest’s latest album The Journey will […]Read More

Collegians – “Vaccine”

Collegians – “Vaccine” – Single Review You never know what information is going to stand out to you when you’re a music-reviewer and you start popping open pages & links.  I suppose I’m probably pretty predictable in the sense that I usually end up in the influences of a band or artist, trying to understand […]Read More

Osvaldo Paese – “Hillbillies And Their Guns”

It’s not every day that you’ll stumble across a tune like this!  Osvaldo Paese has actually got himself quite the addicting little ditty here with “Hillbillies And Their Guns” and a rad psychedelic video to go with it.  Trust me…give this one a couple spins and see if you don’t come back for a third […]Read More

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