Month: <span>September 2017</span>

Flythe – “Wide Shut”

We’re big fans of this emcee – you can see the determination in the light behind the eyes of rap-artist/trapper Flythe in the video for his new single “Wide Shut.”  Not only has he created seriously empowering & thought-provoking lyrics based on what’s REAL out there in the world, but he delivers it all flawlessly […]Read More

Willy And The Planks – Willy And The Planks

Willy And The Planks – Willy And The Planks – Album Review Meet Willy And The Planks – these guys know what’s up with the blues.  Bringing out the sound of the deep south, the Tennessee-based three-piece have the right recipe in place for music you can FEEL – and at the heart of it […]Read More

Andy Michael – If We Try

Andy Michael – If We Try – EP Review A lot of passion and a lot of potential here on Andy Michael’s debut EP, If We Try.  Everything I’ve learned about him and listened to suggests that he’s a humble singer/songwriter that puts his heart & soul into his music…he’s a very likeable guy whether […]Read More

Jason Rayne – In The Making

Jason Rayne – In The Making – Album Review This emcee has added so much to his game over the past couple years that the man had to even add length to his own name!  Last time we reviewed Jason Rayne, he was Jason Rayn; don’t think you can just go and add an e […]Read More

Leah Capelle – “Better Off” Feat. Hayley Brownell

Leah Capelle – “Better Off” Feat. Hayley Brownell – Single Review Proving that heartbreaking can be just as beautiful when it comes to music, Leah Capelle’s new single “Better Off” is a stunning dose of reality, melody and melancholy with compellingly bold emotion that soars with a gorgeous mix of fragile, confident & empowering vocals […]Read More

Breeze – “Mocean”

Breeze – “Mocean” – Single Review This…is demanding to listen to.  For the record, that doesn’t equate to anything negative, it’s just good to be upfront about what it’s like to experience “Mocean” by Breeze.  My ears are the warriors of my face…I’m ready for pretty much anything that comes my way…but I’ll be damned […]Read More

JWherry – “Take Off”

Check this out…you get an entire list of the talents that JWherry has before the music even begins!  This young mogul & emcee is clearly taking over in all areas both inside & outside of the music…dude’s climbing the charts of LIFE, know what I mean?  Solid rapper too – after a quick interview and […]Read More

Mary Knoblock – Spotify Singles

Mary Knoblock – Singles Review Touring through Mary Knoblock’s entire catalog over this past week or so…I’ll tell you a few things about what I’ve discovered and pass on any insights I can…but first I want to talk about character…and why it matters. You see…Mary, aka DJ MEK…is a looper!  That dreaded word out there…the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 034

Stoked for the show today! Actually got some vitamins in the host & I’m officially back to a vertical position & ready to play some killer tunes on the SBS Podcast. New music from TKO, MPG, Qualia, Mercury & The Architects, Joseph Sant, John Clark, Yellow Paper Planes, Chames, Armada Names Sound and MC² – […]Read More

MC² – “No Substitute”

MC² – “No Substitute” – Video/Single Review Alright people…class is in session! I am absolutely digging what I’m hearing from hip-hop crew MC² – these guys got the vibe.  The brand-new single “No Substitute” is smooth perfection – both emcees Louis “LQ” Iverson and Keith “Smeazy” Passmore sound spectacular on their latest cut…real Hip-Hop is […]Read More

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