Jonwah Actual – “You’re My Kind”

 Jonwah Actual – “You’re My Kind”

Jonwah Actual – “You’re My Kind” – Single Review

Yaaaaaaaa!  I can definitely get behind this tune!  Jonwah Actual has a new label, a new single, sounds like maybe even a new lease on life from the vibrant way that “You’re My Kind” has come out.  Point being – things are headed in all the right directions for this dude and “You’re My Kind” confirms all the reasons why there’s so much growing support, excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this project.

You can call that a mirror’s reflection of Jonwah Actual’s energy – you get what you give in this world.

Here on the new single “You’re My Kind,” he’s giving you an uplifting dose of electro, fun & sincerity – and all at the SAME time, you dig?  That’s what’s in it for YOU…that’s what you GET out of this.  And I like to think we’re all looking for those key elements at times, aren’t we?  You’ll connect to the sentiment in the vocals & lyrics of this cut just by hearing them; Jonwah uses them as a feature inside of the music itself…not necessarily sparingly, but just the right amount to hint at the overall inspiration behind the concepts of what pumps the heart of this tune.  What you’ll hear, sounds great in my opinion – he’s got a solid mix of psychedelic-pop ideas that invade the atmosphere of this melody that give this entire track a ton of added character and a completely fresh sound.  Like I said, these are things we dig.

“You’re My Kind” continually gets better…the more I heard it, the more I enjoyed it – but what I really mean is the structural layout and progression of the flow of this tune really makes it move and expand brilliantly when you listen.  Whether it’s the instant pull of the low-end rhythm hooks that start the song, the all-out electrified fun to follow, or the mix of madness & melody in the vocals – there are consistently cool things happening from verse to chorus & everything in between and along the way.  Don’t even get me started on the guitar highlights added towards the end or we’ll be here all week!


Alright…so…this guitar part…  “You’re My Kind” has been plenty awesome as it’s been playing up to that point to begin with and I’ve certainly got no complaints.  And I’m not even saying you’re about to hear some sort of virtuoso part or claim anything like bold complexity in this particular moment…I’m just saying that Jonwah Actual makes a perfectly smooth move here with this final shift and twist in the structure of “You’re My Kind” to put the cherry right on top of this one.  Feel me?  The perfect addition doesn’t always have to be complex…sometimes the smallest & most simplified parts we add can contribute to the entire whole in ways we’d never possibly foresee.  When everything is rolling in the right direction like it is for this guy right now, you pretty much can’t go wrong – I think “You’re My Kind” really shows just how committed & confident he’s become as an artist – there’s a ton of imagination in this entire track and every moment sounds vibrantly colorful.  It all flows with style and highly dynamic electro sound – from part-to-part & moment-to-moment, the new Jonwah Actual single is relentlessly entertaining and offers something new to the ears.


The video that is coming out to support this new single is off-the-charts cool…not even kidding.  100% – it’s as perfect of a match from audio to visuals as I think you could ask for when it comes to what you’ll see & hear on “You’re My Kind.”  BUT…when that guitar part happens in the song, so too doth the magic happen in thine video(th?)!  Seriously impressed by the way it looks onscreen…I thought it was edited extraordinarily well throughout the entire length, but specifically, not only did this guitar part come out as pure gold in the recording, but it also ends up being a spectacular highlight in what we see in the vid.

Now…as far as I know, we’re ahead of the game on this one.  The anticipated official release of this single is still several weeks away if I’m correct about that…but this is what we do here, we get you the latest about what’s going down and what’s coming up in the independent music-scene dear readers, dear friends…you know that already by now.  So while you might have to wait a while longer to be able to check this one out for yourself, I’m gonna fully recommend you make a note to yourself to do that when the time comes.  “You’re My Kind” was a lot of fun, it’s beautifully expressive  & wild electro with wonderful intentions & sentiment at its very core…the kind of song that can put genuine smiles on faces.

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