Month: <span>July 2017</span>

Dance Video Songs – “Laila Main Laila”

A brand-new channel out there for those that love to dance, or even for those that just like to watch dancing onscreen, this one’s for you!  Dance Video Songs features talented free-style & free-spirited professional dance performances to popular songs in all cultures.  The channel is just getting going through its first postings – new […]Read More

Channel K – Super Queen

Channel K – Super Queen – EP Review Alrighty then!  I like stuff like this…a different side of rock.  Channel K, based out of Houston, sounds like they burst onto the scene last year and have been found onstage playing live all over the place as they readied the material for their now-released Super Queen […]Read More

Neezy Noe – “For Real”

This homie’s just looking to catch a meal – and who out there can blame him for that? Check out the latest cut from Neezy Noe’s recent release, the Unknown EP, through the video for the lead-single “For Real.”  Solid video + solid flow + solid beat & low-end = perfect vibe for your summer […]Read More

Copus – “We All Bleed Red”

Copus – “We All Bleed Red” – Single Review And the message read simply:  “Greetings!  We are Copus from San Francisco CA.  Copus is an acronym for Creation Of Peace Under Stars” – that was all it took for me to be interested in what I might hear from this new four-piece band…I dig that […]Read More

Spared Chiller – “That New York Timelapse”

Dig this new electro-cut from Debrecen, Hungary’s Spared Chiller – this track’s got just the right amount of everything.  You can see from the page at Soundcloud that Spared Chiller is a very recent addition to the music-scene…but if it keeps up the quality and smoothness in sound that you’ll hear on the debut single […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future – Mixtape Review I’m stoked to find out how this story of Cheena Black Monrow turned out; she teased us in 2015 with the Black 2 The Future Promo and I’ve been wondering what became of the full mixtape, and now here we are – Black 2 […]Read More

Alan Osborne – “You Are My Home”

Alan Osborne – “You Are My Home” One of the biggest challenges that can come our way as players in a band is that moment where one of the other members that isn’t you, ends up leaving.  Whether it’s a good reason or a bad reason, doesn’t matter, it can shake up the entire world […]Read More

Black Astronaut Records – The Walrus, The Ninja, And The

Black Astronaut Records – The Walrus, The Ninja, And The Gypsy From Sydney – EP Review As promised, the Black Astronaut Records project returns again this month – this time with a new EP.  Charles Luck and his crew bring out some of their best for this release; it features vocalists InZane, Vedo and Gyro […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 068

Check out a live set from the first five years of SBS history with Lung Flower stomping all over Olympia Pizza in good ol’ Surrey, BC, Canada in 2015. Bonus video from rock-metal band Grenouer from Russia!Read More

Andrew Gerard – “One More Night”/”Shine”

Andrew Gerard – “One More Night”/”Shine” – Singles Review I have the feeling that if you’re a part of the camp surrounding Andrew Gerard and his music, you’re probably in pretty damn good spirits these days.  There is every reason to celebrate; he’s getting airplay on over thirty stations in the UK, he’s shifted his […]Read More