Month: <span>July 2017</span>

0186 – Vaultry (Live @ Ask A Punk 2017)

Check out some still shots from the most recent show I’ve seen this year…just a couple days back when Vaultry made it all the way from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, Ontario to kick some ass at a rad house party put on by Ask A Punk.  In one hell of a dank-ass dungeon of a […]Read More

Vlado Jozic – Soundcloud Songs

Vlado Jozic – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review One thing is for certain – Vlado Jozic clearly likes to rock.  Based in Jönköping, Sweden – you can find all kinds of material at his Soundcloud page from originals to covers, solo-tunes to collaborations with featured performers.  You get the sense that as long as there’s […]Read More

Smoking Martha – In Deep

Smoking Martha – In Deep – Album Review This band of all-stars is like the gift that keeps on giving.  Ever since their release of their self-titled EP, I’ve been yelling at the top of my lungs about this crew of five from Brisbane, Australia.  Quite honestly, there’s been every reason to yell – partly […]Read More

Steve Ryan – “Real Time”

Steve Ryan is still happily promoting his hit single “Real Time” – we got love for that here!  Though it was written & posted a while ago, it also proves that it’s ALWAYS a good time to spread the word on a great tune, like really, I mean it – ANY time is a good […]Read More

Rich Anthony – Album Pre-release

Rich Anthony – Album Pre-release – Singles Review We’re well in advance of the release date on this new album from Rich Anthony, which is due to come out sometime next year in 2018…so just keep in mind, anything/everything might change in between now & then – it’s always interesting to see where a project […]Read More

Against Time – Slow Burn

Against Time – Slow Burn – EP Review After all, it IS Canada Day…suppose I should post a review about something out there in the ol’ Canadian music-scene…seeing that Ottawa-based heavy-rock band Against Time was on my list of stuff to check out made it a natural choice to be today’s celebratory review.  They’ve got […]Read More

DJ Mike Klaw – “Making Memories” Feat. Bogomil

Here’s an uptempo electro-jam for your summertime.  Check out the solid set of hooks in the music & words of London-based DJ Mike Klaw’s latest cut “Making Memories” featuring Bulgarian singer Bogomil.  Combining a hot song with a perfectly edited & eye-catching lyric video for the new single, the stage is set for this track […]Read More

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