Month: <span>July 2017</span>

Acito – “Borrowed Time”

Take a look at what it’s like late-night in the studio, when rapper Acito lets you in on everything that’s really on his mind.  His latest video for the single “Borrowed Time” gives us all a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes while creating new cuts after-hours, and the song itself is a […]Read More

Dennis Sy – “Can She Stay”

Dennis Sy – “Can She Stay” – Single Review One day…I tell ya…there’s going to be a father that chooses to either walk his daughter officially down the aisle to this song or set this melody as the background to the traditional father-daughter dance…and very shortly after that, singer/songwriter Dennis Sy is going to have […]Read More

SBS Podcast 032

In the new episode of the SBS Podcast, we rip the lid off of a bunch of brand-new tunes and details about brand-new projects, albums and live-shows happening…maybe even a bit too soon…  Sometimes enthusiasm can lead to trouble…but more often than not, it leads to awesomeness and a whole bunch of rad new stuff […]Read More

Samurai Shin – The Prelude

Samurai Shin – The Prelude – EP Review As I’d have expected, the crew behind the Samurai Shin music and comic-book are cracking the bat hard for a home-run once again, back with a brand-new combination of art & music with The Prelude EP and a new chapter of the story to go with it.  […]Read More

Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – “Jane’s Gone Into

Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – “Jane’s Gone Into The Shadow” – Single Review Hard for me to not be a little bit biased when it comes to the music of Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – his tripped-out perspective on music & the psychedelic-pop sound is always unique to listen to and […]Read More

NegoBoi – YouTube Singles

NegoBoi – YouTube Songs – Singles Review Sometimes it can really be amazing what flies under the people’s radar.  Nigerian/Parisian artist NegoBoi is full of talent and bright ideas in music that really showcase an insightful amount of innovation in combining dance, electro, R&B, hip-hop, different languages and a whole lot of worldly experience.  These […]Read More

Novel “Hooly” The GOAT – Lit Boi

Novel “Hooly” The GOAT – Lit Boi – Album Sampler/Singles Review Claiming some pretty large status in throwing-down a moniker that includes a reference to being The GOAT, you can imagine the high standards an artist would have to set and maintain in their music to back that up.  I’ll put it to you this […]Read More

Dreams Of Freedom – Songs For Our Heroes

Dreams Of Freedom – Songs For Our Heroes – Album Review The first thing I actually learned about Dreams Of Freedom came from checking out their social media page on Facebook, where, atop the page you might still be able to see a flower with a caption underneath that reads, “Wear Your Easter Lily with […]Read More

0187 – Lindstrom And The Limit Album III

Once more for your viewing pleasure, Lindstrom And The Limit!  If you’re interested in your audio pleasure, you should listen to these guys too!  I had an awesome time with Aaron and his crew of musicians & management that all piled into the ol’ garage studio in BC in 2015, as indicated through the photos […]Read More

Black Astronaut – Soundcloud Singles

Black Astronaut – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Good lord, here we go…a whole bunch more names and collaborators and side-aspects to the multi-faceted project that would just be so damn much easier for us all out there if we could just call it all Black Astronaut.  Anyhow.  Charles Luck and his cohorts have been […]Read More

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