Month: <span>July 2017</span>

Imani WJ Wright – Soundcloud Singles

Imani WJ Wright – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review I’m gonna start this one out by saying a personal thank-you to Imani WJ Wright.  Not quite sure what it’s been lately…whether it’s been a couple of back-to-back experiences with horrific promoters, the summer heat or missing my wife while she’s out of town for work…but […]Read More

Endsightt – The Pioneer Mixtape

Endsightt – The Pioneer Mixtape – Album Review “You didn’t think I’d come back now did ya?”  Rapper, hip-hop artist and extreme-innovator Endsightt might actually be assuming too much there while loading his shotgun in the background of “23,” the first cut on his brand-new record, The Pioneer Mixtape – I wouldn’t have assumed anything […]Read More

Danté Lamar – “Tempted”

Danté Lamar – “Tempted” – Single Review “You don’t understaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd” just how long a true R&B artist can let the syllables in a single word ring out for if they want to really sing it out!  Trust me on that one; it’s kind of what separates the men from the boys when it comes to […]Read More

Greye – “Windows”

Greye – “Windows” – Single Review OH YES.  This shall pass.  Even Gandalf himself would let this song through. Greye – you had me from the get-go…the instant groove that starts up their latest single/title-track from their latest record Windows is right up my alley and the volume is now right up on my speakers […]Read More

Aaron Beri – “Connected”

Aaron Beri – “Connected” – Single Review Singer/songwriter Aaron Beri has been a busy man as of late.  Born and raised in England…he’s currently based in Australia…discovered his passion for songwriting on a ‘rooftop in Manhattan,’ and is soon heading to Europe to take the new nine songs from his debut album Avalanche to the […]Read More

Deconstructing RMG

It only took one more sentence after the last message I had sent for me to decide to write this…but some people really feel the need to have the last word, even when they’re completely in the wrong.  Those last words chosen & written simply read:  “No you are not.” Now let me give you […]Read More

Juvel – Amate[U][R]

Juvel – Amate[U][R] – Album Sampler/Singles Review Let me put it this way…after my last 24 hours…believe me when I say it’s a million times better dealing with an Amate[U][R] artist than an amateur management team!  Juvel’s our kind of people…he’s patient…a solid communicator in his correspondence behind the scenes just as much as he […]Read More

SBS Podcast 031

UNREAL show full of amazing tunes today! Back & fresh from vacation, we’re unleashing a whole pile of fresh cuts on ya – come get’em! Featuring music from Jigsaw Man, Blackout Lights, Yellow Paper Planes, The Most Beautiful Losers, Vaultry, Melonvine, Static Choke, Smoking Martha, EMPRA, David Stephenson & a spotlight on the music of […]Read More

Danny Baxley – Love Sex Alcohol

Danny Baxley – Love Sex Alcohol – EP Review To be fair to Mr. Baxley…and to you…many of my thoughts on these songs have already been discussed prior through the past review done on the full album of Love Sex Alcohol – you can find that here.  In general, he likely knows much of what […]Read More

National Impurities – “Join Me”

Check out the latest video from a band that is outworking the rest BIG TIME this year – National Impurities and their cut “Join Me.”  You can find “Join Me” also on their self-titled EP…it was actually the first impression I got to have with this band & first song I’d heard from them – […]Read More

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