Armada Named Sound – “My Girl”

 Armada Named Sound – “My Girl”

Armada Named Sound – “My Girl” – Single Review

This machine has been humming along perfectly in its rhythm & groove for some time now, yet every time I get the opportunity to check out the latest from Armada Named Sound, they still sound like they find a way to improve upon their last time out in some way, shape or form.  Back with a real up-tempo & wild song for your summer, the duo consisting of vocalist Marta Karis and musical-madman Spiros Maus are sounding more vibrant and electric than ever before with their energetic new single “My Girl.”

You see what I’m saying?  That’s H-O-T kind-of HOT right there is what that is.  The video for “My Girl” moves stunningly well with the music through a dazzling display of some of the finest editing & quick cuts synched as perfectly to the beat as you’ll ever witness with your own eyes & ears.  Marta sounds as intoxicating, versatile, stylistic & lively as ever – and you can see from the video she’s a natural born entertainer, the entire performance sparkles with an inspired turn on the mic and vocal melodies.  From verse to chorus, she is seriously workin’ it on this cut and right into the electrified rhythm & groove, expertly placed into the mix and sounding absolutely fan-freakin’-tastic.  As a team overall, these two consistently find exciting ways to deliver the goods and “My Girl” is no exception to the rule; Marta supplies the flowing, graceful & angelic vocals and Maus supplies yet another killer beat and a solid set of complementary backing vocals.  Together they are absolutely in the moment, focused and nailing this massively exciting new single from every possible angle.

A video really counts for something – and Armada Named Sound really proves that fact with this particular tune.  Visually, this single of theirs is 100% just as enticing to watch as the song is to listen to and in combination, this has got HIT written all over it & certainly that potential for some viral magic over the internet.  “My Girl” is already racking up thousands-upon-thousands of views since its release only fifteen days ago – much credit to the video created by Christos Mavridis which really has Armada Named Sound looking their best & finding yet another evolution & addition to their overall look & style.

No lie – when it comes to these two I damn near get lost for words sometimes…I fail to understand what more they could possibly need to accomplish other than the sheer perfection they’ve achieved on “My Girl” – if this doesn’t pull the people in, I can’t imagine what else would!  Expertly constructed as we’ve come to expect from ANS, beautifully descriptive lyrics & imagery, incredibly smooth & jazzy electro-beat and vocals to match its every pulse – everything about this song will have you reaching for the volume knob for the extra juice to bump this track as loud as you possibly can.  Armada Named Sound has done it again as far as I’m concerned…this cut is a complete dream to listen to from the lefts to the rights.  I’m unbelievably impressed with “My Girl” and truly believe that between the audio & video we can all see & hear what a band at the top of their game really sounds like on this new single.

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