Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning”

 Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning”

Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning” – Singles Review

So good to be back!  Truthfully, I suck at taking vacations and these past two-weeks or so away from the homepage have been tough, even if it was the first time I’ve taken a break in about five years here at sleepingbagstudios.  It’s not as easy as you’d think to tear myself away from the life I truly love to live, listening to music & doing what I do best, which I like to think is letting you all in on what’s happening out there in our incredible independent music-scene.  What makes coming back after a break of any kind even sweeter, is coming back to find an artist with a tremendous amount of authenticity & genuine passion – and that’s exactly what I’ve found in the music of Amilia K Spicer.

The two lead-singles from her latest record Wow And Flutter absolutely ring true with the sincerity of an artist who is not only extremely capable, but equal parts comfortable and confident as well.  Instantly revealed in the depths of the wild acoustic rhythm that drives the music of “Fill Me Up” and the brilliant vocal performance that Amilia puts in that fuel the storyline, are all the signature markings of a songwriter’s songwriter; the kind of musician that really ‘gets it’ and that other musicians absolutely love to hear.  In “Fill Me Up” you can HEAR the passion, enthusiasm and most importantly, the FOCUS.  No stone has been left unturned and Spicer gets the best out of each twist & turn in the writing, music, melody and lyrics in every moment.  Amilia had me instantly hooked – not even remotely kidding, I love this lady!  Americana/Folk aren’t always my genres…but when they’re done as right as this is, what’s not to love?  The music of “Fill Me Up” sounds like pure adventure, storytelling and pioneering all combined into one tremendous tale of personal struggles, family, and a yearning search to fill the soul.  With geographical references marking the map along the way, the storyline of the song feels like it moves just as insightfully as the music does – together through its lyrics and sound “Fill Me Up” really moves.  Amilia sounds 100% fantastic, her angelic-meets-emotional tones fit the sound of the song perfectly and she reminds me of a perfect hybrid of Nina Persson & Aimee Mann.

But if I was excited about “Fill Me Up,” well, then I’m straight-up over the moon for her upcoming single “Lightning.”  I suppose it’s a bit more suited to my own personal taste…a bit more towards the light-pop/folk side here…a splash of indie-rock thrown into the mix for good measure.  Whatever you want to call it, to me, it’s undeniable – “Lightning” completely works overall through a brilliant collection and combination of styles & sounds transitioning, flowing & evolving beautifully.  Amilia has a real gift when it comes to words – I’ve truly found both these songs tremendously impressive with the amount of imagery in her lyrics and everything about the way she sings them carries the perfect cadence, emotion and tone required to bring out the best in what she’s written.  “Lightning” has excellent transitions through its uplifting sound & structure from a stripped-back verse and into a blissfully developed chorus that hits the mark squarely by layering the vocals and harmonies into an ever-enveloping & entirely sweet anthem.  I certainly stand by my Aimee Mann comparison…Amilia K reminds me of her in all the best of ways and certainly here once again on “Lightning” from the songwriting to the way she expresses herself and tone of her vocals…there’s absolutely no reason that she couldn’t be touring the same circuit and entertaining the same fans.

And the final bass tones and whispered-vocal exit from the massive crescendo of this song only moments before?  Don’t even get me started!  That’s as exquisite to the ear as it gets and a serious highlight…even after what’s already been highlight after highlight along the way.

First music review I’ve written since being back from vacation – but I don’t want anyone to mistake my refreshed state for any kind of over-inflated enthusiasm, I’m being as honest with you as I’ve always been dear readers, dear friends.  And I’m being entirely honest with you now when I say that Amilia K Spicer is the real deal – she’s as ready as ready can possibly be for that next-level.  The amount of focus in the writing, musicianship, performances and overall execution is seriously stunning – I’m 100% impressed and she’s certainly gained one completely sincere fan here today.

I’ve heard every reason to believe there will be millions more in her future.

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