Month: <span>May 2017</span>

SBS Live This Week 063

SBS Live This Week returns with a new chapter in the series, wrapping-up the first five years of sleepingbagstudios history by unleashing the LIVE ARCHIVES from our vault of awesomeness. For better or for worse – we were there, out there in the crowd shoulder-to-shoulder with you watching some amazing artists & bands over the […]Read More

0182 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album VI

Wild times, wild times.  Multiple scenes and different shots required in a video = lots of cool goodies when it comes to the still shots!  Check out some additional new & unreleased photos from our time with dark-rock band HEAD shooting the video for their single “Sex Like Rock Stars” in 2016!Read More

Eleven Dollar Bills – “Waves”

Eleven Dollar Bills – “Waves” – Single Review They created the one.  Depending on where you live, they created the two.  They created the five and the ten…and now here we are with Eleven Dollar Bills. And life is GOOD! The real currency here is their fantastic grip on their style, sound & songwriting.  Their […]Read More

Last Time Only – Anything For You

Last Time Only – Anything For You – EP Review If memory serves correctly, this is the third time I’ve reviewed the music of Last Time Only, the acoustic-based solo-project from Jared Woodruff.  I feel like I always look forward to seeing LTO pop onto the playlist with something new – I’m pulling for this […]Read More

Samantha Leon – “Bright Yellow Shoes”

Samantha Leon – “Bright Yellow Shoes” – Single Review Sweet stuff from singer/songwriter Samantha Leon & her brand-new tune “Bright Yellow Shoes,” she’s written herself a tender melody that swings & sways with an invitational and welcoming sound.  From what I’ve seen online at her social-media pages, Samantha is only mere days away from the […]Read More

Julia McDonald – “Gravity”

Julia McDonald – “Gravity” – Single Review Hmmm.  Yep! When I scan through my own mainstream collection of music to see what I might want to listen to, the process is a strange one.  Say I get like, 100 new downloads…ten songs roughly a piece…I’ll check through them all in the late-night hours here at […]Read More

Viscount Jack – “The Surface Of Things”

After first discovering Viscount Jack’s wild style through his video/single for “London & New York” earlier on in 2017 – the enigmatic singer/songwriter is already back with a brand-new track as he makes his way towards the official release of his debut EP this year.  The second video/single from the upcoming record is the title-track […]Read More

Odd Wilson – “Last Cup Of Water”

If it wasn’t for the bizarre, unique & odd surprises in music…we here at sleepingbagstudios, including our readers, probably wouldn’t even get out of bed in the morning – so this is perfect for us all!  Odd Wilson definitely seems to be the type of offbeat creative project without limitations that people looking for something […]Read More

The Ghost Of Brooklyn – Alive In The Subway

The Ghost Of Brooklyn – Alive In The Subway – Album Review Holy Ghost!  This dude’s still on our main page from the LAST time we reviewed him, which was like, only ten days ago when we reviewed The Ghost Of Brooklyn’s album Graveyard On The Hill.  We haven’t even had a full rotation on […]Read More

SBS Podcast 030

On episode 030 of the SBS Podcast we take it into the independent Rap & Hip-Hop scene to prove just how incredibly solid it really is right now. Cuts from: Chames, The L.A.W., GiANT The Artist, Genius Picaso, Souleye, Chartt, Da Challenger, TrackSevenBand and featuring a doubleshot from an exceptional artist we’ve just been recently […]Read More