Month: <span>May 2017</span>

NowFuture – Spy Killer

NowFuture – Spy Killer – EP Review You gotta love the punk-minded musicians out there when you find’em…they’re a clever bunch.  Take for example, NowFuture from Montreal – they know what I’m talking about; they’ve certainly got that classic mix of hard-hitting music alongside the quintessential sarcastic & character-laden attitude that has always filled the […]Read More

Manchester Rain – “Manchester Rain”

Now this is how you make it happen! Impressive beats, impressive rhymes and a spectacularly shot/edited video to go with it all, the new self-titled cut “Manchester Rain” is certain to hook you in some way, shape or form.  Seriously dynamic & diverse both in the music and on-screen visually, Manchester Rain is doing all […]Read More

Meshach Abednego – Psalms For Mother

Meshach Abednego – Psalms For Mother – EP Review It seems appropriate to release this review in time for Mother’s Day. Meshach Abednego, one of the prodigal-sons/songwriters out there in the independent music-scene returns to our pages with an EP full of songs played in tribute to the amazing woman that raised him.  You can […]Read More

Marta Karis – “Believe”

Have an early look at a video I’ll be discussing in review later on this week! The debut single “Believe” written by Marta Karis features arrangement & production by Volkan Karaman, mixing and production by Dan Gresham from NTmastering.  Her stunning new video is made by Milja Rossi and directed by Olof Runsten.  Check it […]Read More

The Ghost Of Brooklyn – Graveyard On The Hill

The Ghost Of Brooklyn – Graveyard On The Hill – Album Review For a dead guy…it seems he’s able to still remain plenty active.  Don’t let the lack of life/functional-heartbeat fool you for a moment – when it comes time to make the music, The Ghost Of Brooklyn is alive & well.  He’s always had […]Read More

Pauline Frechette – “Always Lovers” Featuring David

Pauline Frechette – “Always Lovers” Featuring David – Single Review Really digging this new song from Pauline Frechette!  I’ve had the privilege of listening to a number of her singles along the way and I have the sneaking suspicion that this one is my favorite of the bunch so far.  “Always Lovers” moves at a […]Read More

A Truth Called Nothing – Science – Like Religion But

A Truth Called Nothing – Science – Like Religion But Real – EP Review I’m always on the lookout for this band to return…to the scene, to the speakers, to the parking lot outside or the 7-11 down the road…doesn’t really matter to me where they want to choose to show up as long as […]Read More

0180 – This Day Burns (Live @ Olympia 2014) Album

Sadly, This Day Burns is no longer with us.  Officially calling it quits after releasing their second record earlier in 2017 – they’ve parted ways and branched off into new projects.  Absolutely one of my favorites out there in independent alt-rock – I was bummed-out to learn that they were throwing in the towel…but an […]Read More

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls”

Christopher T & Tommie Cotton – “Dance Floor Calls” – Single Review Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…CT & TC walk into a bar… It’s not just the clever initials between these two that’ll catch your attention and they’re certainly no joke – together, Christopher T & Tommie Cotton have found a collaboration […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 062

SBS Live This Week returns with a new chapter in the series, wrapping-up the first five years of sleepingbagstudios history by unleashing the LIVE ARCHIVES from our vault of awesomeness. For better or for worse – we were there, out there in the crowd shoulder-to-shoulder with you watching some amazing artists & bands over the […]Read More

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