Samantha Leon – “Bright Yellow Shoes”

 Samantha Leon – “Bright Yellow Shoes”

Samantha Leon – “Bright Yellow Shoes” – Single Review

Sweet stuff from singer/songwriter Samantha Leon & her brand-new tune “Bright Yellow Shoes,” she’s written herself a tender melody that swings & sways with an invitational and welcoming sound.  From what I’ve seen online at her social-media pages, Samantha is only mere days away from the official release of her debut EP, which comes out officially on May 27th.  If the comforting & natural sound of her single “Bright Yellow Shoes” is any indication – she’s gonna do just fine out there when it comes to this music thang.

I like the playful nature of the lyrics and I like the natural approach that Leon has to her vocals…you can hear that audible connection between the two…you know that a song like “Bright Yellow Shoes” comes from the honest thoughts & pure heart of its author.  The writing certainly plays a huge role in the accessibility-factor here…she’s written really easygoing hooks that quickly float dreamily into your ears and leave you with a memorable melody that’s guaranteed to stick with you.  “Bright Yellow Shoes” is the kind of sweetened song you can always add into your day if you need an extra smile or two.

Honesty & authenticity connect to us – and natural is definitely a fantastic way to describe the beauty in Samantha Leon’s sound.  Vocally, she shows impressive range and pretty, smooth tones throughout “Bright Yellow Shoes” – it’s coming from a debut EP and you can hear there’s still potential for further growth and evolution to her style & confidence, but it’s also clear that all the right pieces of the puzzle are already firmly in place.  She’s certainly created memorable hooks in “Bright Yellow Shoes” and the overall sound of the song is charming and gentle like a daydream.  The music flows beautifully with cello & acoustic-guitar alongside the crisp snap of the snare mixed into the background; Samantha’s right upfront in the mix and sounding gorgeously sweet like Nina Persson with a bit of extra soul in her voice.  Songs like these are necessary ones in our existence – Leon’s created a sweet escape that allows our minds to drift along with the melody and allow the tender sounds to soothe our storming emotions.

No real concerns that I can hear and nothing to complain about – Sam’s done a great job of bringing this idea to its full-fruition and delivered upon the instantaneous promise of melody you hear in this song.  Bottom-line for me here was that it sounded like there wasn’t anyone in the room trying to push Samantha too hard in any one direction to be more or less like anything else out there; “Bright Yellow Shoes” sounds truly like an artist left to their own devices & creativity to lead the way.  Her natural instincts and honest approach have played a huge role in the successful sound of the structure, writing & smoothness of the flow on “Bright Yellow Shoes” and I think she’s done a commendable job.

We all make music & write what we write for different reasons.  I think Samantha Leon has found the right place for her voice & style and her focus on “Bright Yellow Shoes” ends up sounding entirely relaxing, chilled-out and sweet as a result.  She might very well be aware that she’s got an extremely smooth sound working in her favor and a voice that naturally puts our souls at ease & comforts us at our cores through its beautiful tones; it’s a recipe for being memorable and the more she becomes in-tune with her abilities, the stronger that connection will be to us all.  As it all stands right now, she’s definitely got my attention and I think she’s put together a truly heartfelt melody and performance to be proud of.

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