Month: <span>May 2017</span>

SK – “Bang It Out” Feat. Exid

SK – “Bang It Out” Feat. Exid – Single Review Correspondence comes in all forms behind the scenes at sleepingbagstudios.  Whether it’s by text message or carrier pigeon, we get messages & promo write-ups all the time regardless of if we ask for them or not.  Sometimes, they’ll even answer a long-burning question that you […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 064

The explosion of noise-rock band Closer raining down monstrously epic jams from the stage began with three guitarists (Ryan, Trev, Jake) and one of the most beastly drummers (Tyler) to ever sit on the throne.  Born out of a combination of local rock bands The Pit (Trev/Tyler) and Doc Holiday (Ryan/Jake) – nobody even knew […]Read More

0183 – SBS Metal Panel Album II

Some of the raddest times I had the privilege of experiencing in the independent music-scene of Vancouver was putting together ‘panel’ style episodes where we’d pull in local heroes of certain genres to bullshit about the music that made them who they are today and what defines the style.  That being said – they are, […]Read More

Sam And The Black Seas – Silver

Sam And The Black Seas – Silver – Album Review On April 21st last year in 2016, we received a link to a modest handful of songs via Soundcloud link to first discover the music of Sam And The Black Seas.  As it turned out, those songs happened to be amazing…and my enthusiasm for this […]Read More

37 Reasons EP 001

Mainstream Monday! Posting on the regular…or at least hopefully one day!  I’ll be giving you 37 reasons to check out amazing songs, artists & bands I’ve found along the way – check out the first official playlist of Episode 001 below – all female-driven songs & projects out there from the mainstream-side of life.  And […]Read More

Kiev – Swish

Kiev – Swish – Album Review Bro…way to take it to the next level homie! It’s not like I wasn’t impressed the last time I had the opportunity to check out Kiev’s music on his Infinite Positivity EP…but for real – this album is like…way better isn’t it?  Is it just me?  I remember thinking […]Read More


Melonvine Interview SBS:  Welcome Melonvine – stoked to have you in this interview with us – I love what I’ve heard from the latest self-titled EP & there’s lots I want to talk to you fellow Canadians about!  Everything I heard from the new record made me think of my own hometown in Vancouver, BC […]Read More

Dobie – “Ballade Pour (Extended Mix)”

Dobie – “Ballade Pour (Extended Mix)” – Single Review For fans of electro-music and the vocal-trance genre, there’s a good chance you’ve got something to love here with the new single from Dobie, “Ballade Pour (Extended Mix).”  From the steady structure, pulse & rhythm in the music, to the poetic way Dobie crafted the words […]Read More

Henry Metal – So It Hath Begun

Henry Metal – So It Hath Begun – Album Review And the award for best band name out there in the independent music-scene goes to… HENRY METAL! So It Hath Begun.  Damn right it has! I’m rare to strip a direct quote unless I really see one that says something better than I feel like […]Read More