Month: <span>May 2017</span>

J Speed – Sehm2yce

J Speed – Sehm2yce – Album Review Where the REAL Hip-Hop fans at? Cause if that’s you, you’re gonna wanna turn up for this one. I’ll admit…we’re just catching up to J Speed’s music now…from everything I’ve read, the dude might very well have at least a dozen albums floating around out there since his […]Read More

Roger Cole – “Final Curtain”

Roger Cole – “Final Curtain” – Single Review So here we are with the latest single from Roger Cole &… Hmm.  Sorry…just hang on a second…not sure what’s up with my keyboard here. …the latest single from Roger Cole &… Heck? Oh!  My bad.  There’s no & at all!  We’ve got solo Cole in review […]Read More

Hefe Heetroc – The Shadow Cabal Of The 8 Oligarchs

Hefe Heetroc – The Shadow Cabal Of The 8 Oligarchs – Album Sampler/Singles Review Always interesting when you get an album-sampler…especially when the album’s already out…especially when you factor in that we’ve been down this road once before with Hefe Heetroc in the past when we reviewed a handful of tracks from his Inoculare album […]Read More

Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross – “Come

Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross – “Come Unto Me” – Single Review Believe it or not – I can really get behind this project led by Prophet David Taylor.  It’s no secret to any of my regular readers that I invite all music into my ears equally, that I’ve got love for […]Read More

0181 – Whiskey Kings Album III

More shots from one of the final interviews we did in BC before packing up for Ottawa, we were rocking with Whiskey Kings only days before we made the official move.  Had a great time with these guys and they seriously rocked the garage – check out some more photos from our time with Whiskey […]Read More

L Prezzy – “Stuntin”

Well now…here’s an artist that’s not afraid to let you know about everything that’s on his mind! L Prezzy has been makin’ some noise this year – and he’s about to make some more with his new single “Stuntin.”  Fresh off the release of his last single/video for his cut “Savage Life,” this emcee is […]Read More

Marta Karis – “Believe”

Marta Karis – “Believe” – Single Review Singer/songwriter Marta Karis has a real winner on her hands with her new single & video for “Believe.”  Shot in Torö Stenstrand, Stockholm – the imagery in the video is as beautiful as the music itself, together combining for a completely dreamy experience to look at & listen […]Read More

Xxodys The Intellekt – Presents…Movement Muzyk

Xxodys The Intellekt – Presents…Movement Muzyk – EP Review More often than not, a glimpse into social-media will give you a good sense of what’s going on with an artist/band along their journey.  Whether it comes through spelling out the progress directly, posting at random or saying nothing at all after dropping an important hint […]Read More

SBS Podcast 029

For those that have been waiting on a country-music episode…your day has finally arrived! Country tunes from throughout the independent music-scene including songs from Donica Knight, Jacob Bryant, Madelyn Victoria, Cody Webb, Ray William Roldan, Savannah Philyaw and Dylan Schneider. We’ll switch it up as well to end the show on a different note with […]Read More

WisCali – “Piss On My Wrist”

Brand-new single released from wordsmith WisCali!  Check out his latest cut called “Piss On My Wrist” and have a listen to this emcee’s twisted tales on the mic and endless string of witty lyrics.  Also check out WisCali in his previous-life as RubiconTINENTAL in a review we did of the Trillogy EP by clicking right […]Read More