Month: <span>March 2017</span>

Oliver Laughton – “Chinchilla”

Always a rad thing to be able to sense the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the music from in-behind the scenes; I’ve only had a chance to talk briefly with solo-artist and one-take-recording-master Oliver Laughton but each and every word I’ve read certainly indicate that he’s fired-up about the songs he’s been creating and I always […]Read More

Iain Campbell – “I’m Still Here”/”Winter”

Iain Campbell – “I’m Still Here”/”Winter” – Singles Review Chills…that’s the way you want to start-out a listening experience.  It’s rare but it’s always an amazing feeling that courses through your entire mind, body & soul when you find music with true texture and atmosphere that surrounds & envelops you – and that’s exactly what […]Read More

Earl Adamant Allen – Soundcloud Singles

Earl Adamant Allen – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review As a reviewer…as a music/media reporter…whatever it is you want to call what I do, there’s a responsibility on this side of the screen to make sure we point out the major things we see/hear along the way that may/may-not be a major factor in what […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – “That Voice Behind”

“That Voice Behind” indeed! We’ve only recently discovered the music of The Marica Frequency for ourselves after taking-in their song/video for “Hallowed Ground” – but if these two songs are any indication at all, we’ll be listening quite happily for a long, long time to come.  Not even kidding remotely – I enjoyed what I […]Read More

0174 – The Pit (Live @ The Cellar 2013) Album

The Pit! Fuckin’ love these guys – and this was definitely a show to remember.  We had everything run through the soundboards on this one and caught their music from an entirely different angle as they played live from the stage at The Cellar in Vancouver.  Big crowd, lots of support…The Pit went out and […]Read More

SBS Podcast 026

Come check out some of the latest from the independent music-scene in the world of Electro-Pop on this week’s episode.  As we start digging further into specific genres, we’ve got some awesome shows coming up with all kinds of cohesive threads between the music.  This week…as we take on Electro-Pop to start it off, we’ll […]Read More

Genessa – “The Sound”

Genessa – “The Sound” – Single Review Singer/songwriter and musical-superstar Genessa is no stranger to success – and from what I can hear in her vibrant new single called “The Sound,” I’d expect she can look forward to experiencing even more once this song is officially released this coming April 3rd, 2017. Based in New […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “Forest Fire”

Andrew Gerard – “Forest Fire” – Single Review There comes a point where you can’t deny the amount of momentum you see an artist/band picking up along the way as they continue their career…some call it the breaking-point – only in this scenario it implies good things…those moments before a musician’s life irreparably changes into […]Read More

0173 – Closer Album IV

Easily one of the bands we’ve been most excited about since their inception – noise-rock band from Vancouver, Closer, has been kicking ass and taking names onstage throughout the city spreading gritty rock and damn good times.  Currently brewing up a set of new material in 2017…they’re hibernating through winter, writing and recording like all […]Read More

MPG – A Message To Those Listening

MPG – A Message To Those Listening – Album Review From what I’ve heard, seen and read about the music of solo-artist MPG, there’s a lot to be admired about the earnest and honest approach he’s taken towards his writing and career.  For instance…and many of you out there know this is true already but […]Read More