Month: <span>March 2017</span>

0171 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album V

The continued photo-adventures of our time shooting the video for Vancouver electro-rock band HEAD to create the video for their single “Sex Like Rock Stars” in 2016 – check out some more shots of the band from behind the scenes and in front of them too – all taken at Sanctuary studios on location!Read More

Maini – “Parting Of Our Way”

Maini – “Parting Of Our Way” – Single Review Alrighty then!  Lots of information out there regarding this new single from Maini called “Parting Of Our Way” – in particular the amount of hands involved in bringing this song to life was what I’d personally noticed right off the bat.  I’d assume it all gets […]Read More

The Bingo Brothers – Top Ten

The Bingo Brothers – Top Ten – Album Review + Bonus Singles Alright…I found this album to be an incredibly fascinating one to review; from a writer’s point of view – The Bingo Brothers have done so much with their own music and made it so compellingly versatile that it’s almost tough to pare-down the […]Read More

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – “11Months3Weeks6Days”

Great combination of rhythm, melody and energy on the new single from WOUNDEDSPiRiT called “11Months3Weeks6Days.”  Hailing from West Bromwich, UK, these guys have built a smooth pop/rock cut that delivers a completely uplifting sound through solid-hook after solid-hook in a highly entertaining, memorable performance that genuinely connects.  Check out the video they’ve put together for […]Read More

elite|fitrea – Ur

elite|fitrea – Ur – EP Review In all the genres in all the gin-joints in all the world elite|fitrea, you had to walk into mine… And I consider this to be a seriously great thing.  Not just good – I meant what I said – GREAT thing…I live for these kind of compositions from the […]Read More

William Elvin

A sincere, warm-welcome back to William Elvin of William Elvin And The Circus Tour to our pages once again for another interview!  I had an absolutely amazing time talking with him about the expansion & evolution of his music over time and what’s currently inspiring him along his adventures. Now…I know he’s a thoughtful writer […]Read More

Athmossmusic – “Constant Change”

Athmossmusic – “Constant Change” – Single Review Always excellent to see things continually getting better for an artist!  In Athmoss’ case, it doesn’t just get better each time we run into him and his music – it gets bigger too.  Bigger in the sense that when we started covering his music in early 2015 it […]Read More

0170 – Whiskey Kings Album II

Been a while since we heard from the ol’ Whiskey Kings…hopefully they’re still out there and kickin’ it onstage somewhere!  Since last we checked in with them on SBS Live This Week, lead-singer/guitarist Rick Speke and drummer Corey McPherson have started launching their new band Amberola – so in one way, shape or form…the music […]Read More

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