Month: <span>March 2017</span>

BLOW_FLYY – Live @ The Revival 2015

BLOW_FLYY – Live @ The Revival 2015 Strong impression on the mic and on the stage at Revival Bar in Toronto, Canada at the Landmark Events Showcase Festival in July of 2015, BLOW_FLYY got the crowd amped right-up to support him with an intense & memorable performance that keeps the energy on-point all the way […]Read More

The Latest From Charming Timur…

Santeri Lohi of Helsinki, Finland, continues his adventures into wildly-experimental & heavily-textured sonic-atmospheres as Charming Timur and has released a couple records you shouldn’t be missing out on if you’re a fan of the extreme side of music. Released at the end of February in 2017 – you can check out the latest album Toiling […]Read More

fAlterboy – Blasphemy Album-Sampler

fAlterboy – Blasphemy Album-Sampler – Singles Review I’ve always been a fan of the idea of exploring alternative ideas and energy in acoustic or folk-driven indie-rock tunes.  Sounding much like bands I grew up loving & listening to like the short-lived Cold Water Flat or Cool For August…or something like Paul Dempsey solo and apart […]Read More

Meena Kaye – “Keep It Simple” Featuring Mee And The

Meena Kaye – “Keep It Simple” Featuring Mee And The Band – Single Review This new single from Meena Kaye…has…SO MUCH working in its favor it’s tough to envision a path she’d end up on from this point forward that wouldn’t lead her to the success she’s looking for in music.  “Keep It Simple” is […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 060

A diverse lineup of tunes from artists & bands out there in the independent music-scene that are taking the right steps toward that next-level and step in their careers.  Check out some excellent new music/videos from The Mountain Says No, Athmossmusic, VennmX, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, The Bingo Brothers, Kna-Lo Venge, Lung Flower, National […]Read More

Meccah Dawn – “Bride Of Frankenstein”

I’m 100% all about this. Absolutely rad new video/single from rapper Meccah Dawn – finding expressive artists like her along our adventures has always been exactly where we’re at.  “Bride Of Frankenstein” is a highlight example of the talented lyrical skills & flow she has as an emcee – but also a stunning example of […]Read More

National Impurities – “She’s Mine”

Excellent to see National Impurities riding the momentum from the release of their self-titled EP!  Check out their debut-video for their track “She’s Mine” – rad editing, cohesive & twisted storyline – just the way we like’em!  Word on the street is that they’ve already got another video in the works for their ultra-grunge cut […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – “Hallowed Ground”

Pleasant vibes in the latest single from The Marica Frequency…the kind of quaint experimental-folk tune that makes for a great, smooth start to the morning.  Have a look at the video and a listen to their new song “Hallowed Ground” and begin your day with a tender, inviting and interesting tune that hits the mark […]Read More

Jason Rayn – “Zone” Feat. K$NG

Jason Rayn – “Zone” Feat. K$NG – Single Review Great to hear this collaboration still doin’ their thing, makin’ progress and keepin’ the hustle up. Last time we checked out Jason Rayn, he was working with K$NG on the 2 Rings EP…rhymin’ about ballin’ and making moves to put themselves on the rap-map.  Admittedly, there […]Read More

Yo Daddy Doe – IM2 (Unmastered)

Yo Daddy Doe – IM2 (Unmastered) – EP Review Alright…so today, for the most-part, we’re evaluating ideas on the new IM2 (Unmastered) EP from Yo Daddy Doe.  As the full-title implies – these are concepts and rhymes still in the incubator, yet to have their finalized mix and mastering…production comments would be redundant here.  As […]Read More

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