Oliver Laughton – “Chinchilla”

 Oliver Laughton – “Chinchilla”

Always a rad thing to be able to sense the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the music from in-behind the scenes; I’ve only had a chance to talk briefly with solo-artist and one-take-recording-master Oliver Laughton but each and every word I’ve read certainly indicate that he’s fired-up about the songs he’s been creating and I always dig running into artists with sincere passion like that!  Hearing what he’s accomplished on the live recording of his song “Chinchilla” from back in 2014 – I get the excitement…Ollie L’s got himself a solid combination of acoustic-folk-meets-hip-hop that the people are truly loving right now.  You can cite acts from Milky Chance and Ed Sheeran…all have similar styles in their ability to innovate, adapt and combine different genres & styles.  They also all deliver real melody and hooks that grab the attention through their subtle rhythms & grooves – and that all still comes across strongly in the inventive live-recording of “Chinchilla.”  Oliver has continued to make a massive amount of music and released several cover-songs and originals online at his official YouTube channel.

Find out more about Oliver Laughton at his official Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/oliverlaughtonmusic

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