SBS Podcast 026

 SBS Podcast 026

Come check out some of the latest from the independent music-scene in the world of Electro-Pop on this week’s episode.  As we start digging further into specific genres, we’ve got some awesome shows coming up with all kinds of cohesive threads between the music.  This week…as we take on Electro-Pop to start it off, we’ll make a case for sub-genres actually HELPING something for once instead of just making us all confused…and of course, we’ll be playing amazing songs gathered from throughout our adventures here at the page and elsewhere out there in the music-scene!  We’ll also be talking about singer/songwriter Genessa who we recently reviewed at the page and spinning her new single in advance of its official release.  Turn it up loud & proud, here we go!

Your official lineup for the SBS Podcast this week is:

Drea Love – “Feeling Myself”

Correigh – “We’re On Our Way”

Undocument – “She Breathes” (Feat. Amena Melody)

Genessa – “The Sound”

Justin Llamas – “Got It Out For Me”

A Love Like Pi – “Wide Awake”

A Love Like Pi – “Sorry 2.0”

B.Notes – “458”

Van Norden – “Love At First Sight”

Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”

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