JLuv – “Baby By Me”

 JLuv – “Baby By Me”

JLuv – “Baby By Me” – Single Review

I have it on pretty good authority that JLuv is surrounded by a whole team of people that really believe in his exceptional talent and expect this solo-artist to find his way to the big-time.  I can dig all the reasons why that would be after reviewing his single “If It Ain’t This” just earlier this month – that was a truly brilliant, complex composition that really brought out the best in JLuv’s ideas and flow on the mic.  We’ve now gotten our hands on a second-cut from JLuv, this time an advance-copy of the next single coming, “Baby By Me” – and the young R&B artist continues to shine with promise on this new song.

A song about the tough moment of leaving behind the youth to become a grown-ass man, “Baby By Me” is stocked with lyrical imagery and words that will no doubt be relatable to many people out there.  The whole struggle of finding that right point in time, right person and right circumstances to take that next step and have themselves a miniature version of themselves – tell me you don’t know many people already that come to mind when thinking about this.  I’m at that age now where most of the people I grew up with are having their first or second kids…so I can tell you firsthand of course what a complex set of emotions are sparked in people during that time, cause I’ve seen it in others around me.  You all know I listen to way too much music to have a kid even IF my maturity-level supported that decision, which it certainly doesn’t.  I function at the level of a hyper-active eight-year old…I just got a dog about three-weeks ago and I can barely handle THAT…but I can understand the hard-decisions that JLuv describes in “Baby By Me” – I just have to imagine them more than some people, that’s all.

Reflecting on his past and the points along the way that made him the man he is today, JLuv solidly describes the maturing of relationships as he sings his way through this track.  For the better-part of the length of this tune, I think he finds the perfect tones to make this song spring to life the way it should.  You can hear that he’s putting like, ALL his power into some of these notes…and on a few here and there the effort costs him a little.  It never goes quite as far as becoming out of tune by any means, but a little pitchy or sharp in the sense that the tone he ends up singing in at times is just as inviting to some as it might be interpreted as a little grating to others.  No doubt this was an extremely hard song to sing – so in my opinion, full-credit to JLuv for not shying away from attempting the extremes of these notes in “Baby By Me” because I think for most of the song it really pays off well.  The writing and the flow are once again securely in place here for JLuv and his music; for what it’s worth I think there’s a lot of people out there that would respond to the way he’s approached this tune, but the bottom line is everything FITS once again and this new-single really rolls along smoothly, well-produced from all-angles.

I like this cut…I think it’s nearly where it should be and another solid representation of what JLuv can do.  The music is well-assembled and structured dynamically in ways that really let JLuv sing his heart out.  For the most part, he’s killing it once again and really putting clear emotion and power into the vocals.  Personally I like that you can hear he’s pouring all of himself into every moment…regardless of whether or not it hits the intended mark 100% in tone or not, I personally respond to the genuine effort being made and the incredible climb of his vocal-range.  As much as I might like any one element from the music to the performance from JLuv, quite honestly, I think the words are actually the star of this next single for him.  I think he’s really put together a song that a lot of people will connect with and a track that has solid hooks for people to attempt to sing along to – but I think that the words really do express this entire idea & emotion in “Baby By Me” perfectly.

Like I was saying at the beginning…there’s a whole army of people out there that are looking to JLuv to become that next superstar in R&B…and I don’t think he’ll go on to disappoint anyone in that pursuit.  I think there are a few spots in this particular cut that still show the newness of this performer, but also a ton of moments that prove just how capable he truly is.  I think his supporters have every reason to believe in him…I’d be willing to bet on JLuv getting his music out there to a worldwide audience and taking stages all over the globe with his powerful R&B style in no time at all as he refines his sound and pushes through to the next-level of his career.  Definitely one to watch and one to listen to in the R&B genre for sure.

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