Month: <span>April 2016</span>

0106 – The SBS Grunge Panel

It took a LOT of harassment and due-diligence on my part in order to make this episode of SBS Live This Week happen back in 2014 – but hey, that’s GRUNGE for you…those guys don’t get out of bed before 3pm – that’s a FACT.  It’s a hard-knock life for the grunge-music crowd typically, but […]Read More

Tom Adams – “Ghost (Acoustic)”

Tom Adams – you’re a smooth player brother! Seriously dear-readers, dear-listeners, dear fans – check this guy out!  The opening moments of Tom stepping-up to the mic to lay an acapella beat as the foundation to “Ghost (Acoustic)” on-loop will already be enough to convince you that you’re about to check out something special – […]Read More

The Sunless Sea – “Void”

Alright…no joke people…as far as videos from the independent scene go – you might be finding me hard-pressed to think of one I could have potentially enjoyed more than this!  Not only is this brand new song “Void” a perfect fit for the onscreen-visuals, but also vice-versa…EVERYTHING about this works together from what you’ll see […]Read More

Morning Fatty – Some Songs From Resistance (¿)

Morning Fatty – Some Songs From Resistance (¿) – Singles Review Hmm!  Well… Morning Fatty is looking for some of that good ol’ unbiased feedback here at the homepage…and you readers out there already know that’s exactly what they’re gonna get… Let’s start with the big ol’ WTF to sending a guy that writes reviews […]Read More

0105 – Joe Turner

Easily one of the coolest ways we’ve ever met someone through the studio! During our second annual-event with Everyday Music TV, we invited all kinds of bands and artists out to rock the studio in BC & give themselves a shot at making it into the first 1000 videos posted up by Rod Matheson, long […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Fuckstar”

Digital Escort – “Fuckstar” – Single Review If you remember all the way back to about two-weeks ago, we first introduced ourselves and many of you out there to the music of Digital Escort with the single “Swimming With The Fish” busting through our speakers with a raging electro-chaos that was audibly intoxicating in its […]Read More

SBS Podcast 003

Exceptional new music on the podcast as always! Check out incredible tunes from: – Nixie – The Yellow Dress – Dynamics Plus – Sprightly Moans – The State School – – Fey – Hanging From The Rafters – Ahimsa – In Circles – School Friends –   To become the next guest on the SBS […]Read More

0104 – HEAD (Live @ Studio 2015)

Word on the street is that HEAD’s lead-singer Lyric is having a birthday today…so we’ll honour this day by posting up some never-before-seen pics from their time at Studio in Vancouver in 2015!  There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the band or their fearless lead-singer will notice that we’ve done this…we’re just a tiny fish […]Read More

0103 – Gyrus (Live @ The Backstage Lounge 2014)

Gotta admit…Gyrus wasn’t my normal thing, but they put on a great show that night with a WICKED line-up in Vancouver that put them onstage with grunge-rock band Fey, noise-rockers Closer and another band I didn’t know before that night called Scissortooth.  Gyrus came out gunning hard and set the pace for what became an […]Read More

DJ Débias – “High Roads”

DJ Débias – “High Roads” – Single Review First off, let me say that this won’t exactly be what you’ll expect – which in my opinion is a really damn good thing, always.  I appreciate what DJ Débias has created here on this new single called “High Roads,” which as I understand it, is the […]Read More