The Sunless Sea – “Void”

 The Sunless Sea – “Void”

Alright…no joke people…as far as videos from the independent scene go – you might be finding me hard-pressed to think of one I could have potentially enjoyed more than this!  Not only is this brand new song “Void” a perfect fit for the onscreen-visuals, but also vice-versa…EVERYTHING about this works together from what you’ll see to what you’ll hear.  The slow-burning intensity of the emotion from The Sunless Sea has created an atmosphere that can’t be denied on “Void” – and the fact that they’ve nailed this video so masterfully is a real testament to anyone involved with this song & video-process – this is visually & audibly as good as music can get!  Designed & directed by Rafael Bonilla Jr. – you’ll see quite quickly just how closely the visuals perfectly match the music of the one-man band & music here from Witte Crosby of The Sunless Sea.

Video killed the radio star a long, long time ago.  Now it’s actually what can make or break a band in their early days of their career.  A video this incredible should NEVER go unnoticed…and as far as I’m concerned, The Sunless Sea should be massively proud of this effort and their entire camp should be nothing but pleased with the result.  The way the video moves with the music is flawless, thought-provoking and more laden with REAL emotion and ideas than 99.9% of the videos out there with actual people in them.

I’ve long been a fan of claymation, stop-motion…anything cartoon…anything bizarre and a little strange (or a lot, as the case may be!) – and of course, I love a great song.  This new cut from The Sunless Sea checks EVERY box I have on the positive-side for what makes impact out there in the independent music-scene – and I really think this effort should put them on the map, or at the very least, on YOUR radar.

Can’t speak highly enough about this – so I’m just gonna shut up.  Everything I could possibly want to say is so much better experienced just by watching and listening to the video below…I guarantee within about thirty-seconds or less you’ll already be inclined to agree that it’s one of the best you’ll see this year – and to be quite honest, possibly in our lifetime.  Absolutely brilliant, wall-to-wall.

Do yourself a favor and support this incredible project!  All of the places you can find The Sunless Sea are right here in the links below!


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