Month: <span>April 2016</span>

Mario Marco Farinato – Soundcloud Singles

Mario Marco Farinato – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review You know…I’m not sure how many people really get how contagious attitude can be when creating and sharing music with another person when you made it yourself.  We’ve all heard new music…we’ve all heard that song that makes us want to push the boundaries of life […]Read More

0102 – Kat Hamill

This lady is a shy one…but equal-parts fantastic. We actually met Kat Hamill for the first time in the first days of opening via messages over e-mail…in the haste of getting everything organized, things were eventually scheduled, moved, missed, rescheduled and eventually thought lost for all time…but thankfully that didn’t stay the case.  I caught […]Read More

The Only’s – Soundcloud Singles

The Only’s – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review For some reason…if I was somehow able to verbalize in music-form what I’d assume the atmosphere of a certain area sounds like by name, I have a feeling that The Only’s would represent what I’d think Toledo might sound like, were I to make a guess.  It […]Read More

Mike Lepond – Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins

Mike Lepond – Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins – Album Review I suppose you have to give a guy some credit when they’ve been a part of what has helped shape the metal-genre over time…or, in this case, several people.  I had to rub my eyes a little in disbelief over some of the credits that […]Read More

The State School – SloFastSlo

The State School – SloFastSlo – Album Review It’s often been said that music is quite dependent on timing…would reviews follow that same rule I wonder?  The other day, I checked into two albums that were coming out in the mainstream before I had a listen to The State School for the first time…a fact […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 048

Absolutely rad time with Pete, Ryan, Rick, Dave and Corey of Whiskey Kings and I’m proud to present these guys to you all today on SBS Live This Week.  This band from Vancouver exceeded all expectations in an awesome interview and performance – we got about ten or eleven tunes from WK all in all […]Read More

JackPotLuck – JPL

JackPotLuck – JPL – Album Review This dude seems to be pretty cool.  If you’ve already seen the latest episode of SBS Live This Week (#048) then you’ve already heard some of the thoughts on the new self-titled record from one-man band JackPotLuck, which is a project helmed by Gary Bonanni.  If not…check that out […]Read More

Revolushn – The Freshman

Revolushn – The Freshman – Album Review Holy shit would you look at that!  I’ve got nearly as many band-members in Revolushn as I do songs to review on their latest album, The Freshman – that’s rare!  Also, quite cool to me…I’ve talked with more than enough bands over the past fifteen years to know […]Read More

Christian Farrar – Shitty Music You Won’t Understand

Christian Farrar – Shitty Music You Won’t Understand – Album Review ALWAYS good to see an artist return to our pages – especially the off-kilter and crazy-ones like Christian Farrar.  I think it was nearly a year back now since we last heard from this mixtape-madman…and did I expect to hear that this guy has […]Read More

Whiskey Kings – “20 Dollars” (Live @ SBS 2016)

Oh you lucky people you! Here’s a video that kills two birds, if not three, with one big stone.  It gives you a solid glimpse of our time with Whiskey Kings on SBS Live This Week doing a song called “20 Dollars” live in the studio – the very last interview we filmed in the […]Read More