0106 – The SBS Grunge Panel

 0106 – The SBS Grunge Panel

It took a LOT of harassment and due-diligence on my part in order to make this episode of SBS Live This Week happen back in 2014 – but hey, that’s GRUNGE for you…those guys don’t get out of bed before 3pm – that’s a FACT.  It’s a hard-knock life for the grunge-music crowd typically, but the three champions I’d selected from the indie music-scene local to Vancouver came out of the shells finally once I got some pizza & beer into them.  We had Steve Barmash of Blackout Lights, Tyler Hutton of The Pit/Closer and Tyler Mayfield of Lung Flower come out to the studio to talk about all-things grunge and really get into it on our second assembled panel-style interview where we looked to these guys to relate their own experiences and perspectives on what that music is all about.  NOT that a guy with a beard like mine doesn’t know all about it already – but it was amazing to hear their own stories and insights on the genre…couldn’t have asked for a better three guys to have come out there to talk about music with me, absolutely three of the best relationships with people & bands that I’ve formed over these years at SBS and this was a truly unforgettable day.  Check out the pictures from when we had’em come by sleepingbagstudios in 2014!



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