Month: <span>April 2016</span>

Indigo Prophet – Power To The Peaceful

Awesome video I was able to work on last year in collaboration with the Indigo Prophet for his track “Power To The Peaceful.”  Dude keeps extremely busy and as far as I understand it, is also quite the world traveler.  He had the footage shot while on vacation and I had the privilege of editing […]Read More

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You”

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You” – Single Release From his Prelude album, Jeffrey Aaron and his band of Blurples are out to absolutely make a huge impact with “I Need You,” the lead-single.  This epic song absolutely screams-out ‘single-worthy’ – I can’t even begin to explain just how close I’ve come […]Read More

Darcy Jeavons – “Unspoken”

Darcy Jeavons – “Unspoken” – Single Review The first thing that’ll reach your ears upon pressing play on Darcy Jeavons’ new-single “Unspoken” is the incredible clarity and production in the music and atmosphere, as what could pretty much be described as the world’s most angelic guitar tones begin to ring out softly. Now…keep in mind…it’s […]Read More

The Pit – “Closer” (Live @ The Backstage Lounge 2016)

Time to bring out some new videos for SBS Separated in 2016! We’ll start this off with the very last live song we saw in Vancouver…right before we packed up to move to Ottawa.  The Pit are featured below in a performance of their song “Closer” – and you won’t fuckin believe your eyes when […]Read More