Tom Adams – “Ghost (Acoustic)”

 Tom Adams – “Ghost (Acoustic)”

Tom Adams – you’re a smooth player brother!

Seriously dear-readers, dear-listeners, dear fans – check this guy out!  The opening moments of Tom stepping-up to the mic to lay an acapella beat as the foundation to “Ghost (Acoustic)” on-loop will already be enough to convince you that you’re about to check out something special – but if that’s not, the complete team of ace studio-musicians that lend an assist from right behind him will do the trick as well, believe me.  It’s clearly a roomful of respectful & stunning musicianship that you’ll see in this acoustic version of his new-single “Ghost (Acoustic)” from Tom’s upcoming record 4203 being released on May 21st – and it’s a video like this that gives a solid amount of insight into the music and mindset you can probably expect from Adams throughout the album.  He’s got a smooth approach to the mic – he’s clearly found some key players to vibrantly fill in the space around the strength of his ideas in completely complementary ways…I’ll be interested to see where he takes the music on this upcoming release…I have a feeling this guy is going to keep it fully on-point without ever pretending to be something he’s not.  You can see a lot of truth and honesty in his video…and I think that “Ghost (Acoustic)” is going to not only generate the buzz & excitement for the 4203 record, but I think it’s gonna earn him a lot of respect right off the bat; you can visibly SEE he’s a good guy – and with a talented skill-set, unique approach and a visible & audible confidence that remains humble…I think a lot of people are looking for that kind of hero in music right now and he could quite easily fit onto a ton of playlists out there with his accessible sound and extremely digable vibe.

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