Year: <span>2014</span>

Christian Farrar – Kaizen

Christian Farrar – Kaizen – Mixtape Review If there’s one thing I can understand from a handful of listens to Christian Farrar’s new mixtape Kaizen…it’s that this guy definitely understands the power of the mixtape genre. While most ‘mixtapes’ often play out like an emcee roaming for a home, Farrar is playing this out much […]Read More

Midway Update On The SBS Readers Poll!

Alright!  Here’s the math on how it’s going so far and where you’ve been directing your support for the amazing talent we’ve discovered throughout 2014. Currently leading the way…. [chart id=”1″] The spread between these incredible bands might not be as far apart as it seems!  Lots of time to still cast your votes daily, […]Read More

Life In A Tree – For All You Listeners Out

Life In A Tree – For All You Listeners Out There – Album Review Today’s band in review, Life In A Tree is extremely interesting to me for a ton of reasons I can’t wait to talk about today. First off…if you pop open their social media pages, you’ll find that there’s an incredibly young […]Read More

Dr Wippit – For Everyone

Dr Wippit – For Everyone – EP Review Sometimes a song just has to get out. Socially-conscious songs aren’t the newest concept to music; however, they’re completely underground for the most part…the more successful you get in our modern day, more often you’ll see those opinions suppressed and morals compromised. The freedom of the independent […]Read More

Seany Juevos & Tommy T. Tom – The Juevos &

Seany Juevos & Tommy T. Tom – The Juevos & T. Tom Demo – Album Review I’ve never been one to be afraid to listen to a demo recording. At live-shows, I pride myself on being able to hear the essence of a band despite whatever hack soundman is doing to thwart my efforts. The […]Read More

The Slit – “Powder”

The Slit – “Powder” – Video-Single Review Not sure if I’ve ever even done this before, so why not take on another extended branch of what we do here at sleepingbagstudios and review the occasional video as well! I certainly can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t, and what better way to start it […]Read More

A.S.H.E.S. the CHOSEN – ID, Ego, Superego

A.S.H.E.S. the CHOSEN – ID, Ego, Superego – Album Review First of all, let me just say, as far as writing goes, that’s the most amount of work you can possibly do in typing out an artist’s name…captials, periods, acronyms…take it easy on this old guy, I’m just waking up and can’t conceive of how […]Read More

Crawl – Anticipate The Fall

Crawl – Anticipate The Fall – EP Review This one’s tough. Crawl is an undeniably hard-hitting band from the Eastern side of Canada…wasn’t even kidding; most of these songs are tough as nails. Though they’re capable of incorporating a little melody into their music at any time, but for the majority, expect complete and utter […]Read More

Jet Force Gemini – Pistola Melodica

Jet Force Gemini – Pistola Melodica – Album Review I can only imagine how I would have reacted to this album during my high-school years…this was right where I was at; high-energy music that pounded with a furious pulse, big hooks and bigger choruses. I still react well to this genre when I hear it […]Read More

The Top 10 Nominees For 2014’s Best Sound…and WHY!

Our First Readers Poll! First of all…you all know it’s impossible for me to truly choose between the extraordinary talents we’ve stumbled onto through SBS.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again for years and years to come I’m sure – but it’s just staggering how much talent, creativity and skill are out there […]Read More