The Slit – “Powder”

 The Slit – “Powder”

The Slit – “Powder” – Video-Single Review

Not sure if I’ve ever even done this before, so why not take on another extended branch of what we do here at sleepingbagstudios and review the occasional video as well! I certainly can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t, and what better way to start it up than with the edgy, brutalizing sights and sounds of a band we found called The Slit and their new video for their song “Powder.”

The video uses a ton of dark imagery from desolate scenes to desolate characters; it’s well shot and well-thought out. Great shots of the band playing in between the cut scenes, and they’ve done a superb job of matching the feel of the video with the tone of the music. The editing displays some real talent for sure, excellent layering and great concept to go with this all.

Musically, this is a very interesting track. It’s like Rollins Band met Soundgarden and said, ‘ok, now that we’re together, let’s make something that sounds kinda like what Quicksand would do.’ I really dig the straight-to-your-face yelling verse in this track personally, I think it’s got the perfect amount of energy and isn’t so ridiculously-Rollins that it works at every snapping bite. The chorus is incredibly melodic, and the guitar tones resemble Tool, or again, much like Quicksand when combined with the pounding drums and storming bass-tones.

It’s definitely not a ‘comfortable’ video…it’s not designed to leave you with a pretty image of the world. With pornographic images, dark-figures in masks and a menacing tone and feel to the edit, “Powder” is definitely worth watching if you’re into the dark-side of life and/or music. Definitely a great introduction to a band that clearly has a vision for their sound and the way they want that projected onto a screen. It’s a real intense step inside the inner-workings of the collective mind at work in The Slit, but definitely a ride worth taking.

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