Year: <span>2014</span>

Young Coconut – I Got A Vibe

Young Coconut – I Got A Vibe – Album Review I’m not exactly sure why I assumed this was going to be an emcee ripping rhymes into the mic…I couldn’t have been farther off! Well…for the most part at least. Young Coconut is much more pop/rock/experimental… This album is a musical project a long time in the […]Read More

Karina Vismara – Two Winters

Karina Vismara – Two Winters – EP Review Karina is coming to our page all the way from Argentina! I racked my brain to think of any other act, artist or band that I know of that might come from that area and I can honestly say that this is the first time I think I’ve […]Read More

Ian Marquis – Faces From The Static

Ian Marquis – Faces From The Static – Album Review I don’t think I’ve ever wanted some structure to come into the music as badly as I did during the opening moments of Faces From The Static – yes it’s super-early in the morning but c’mon – that was all kinds of confusing! Those prayers are […]Read More