Year: <span>2014</span>

Raspberry Bulbs – Privacy

Raspberry Bulbs – Privacy – Album Review It just doesn’t get any realer than this. I’ll fully admit…when I started into this album I was INSTANTLY blown away by Raspberry Bulbs and the first track “Lionhead.” Hey, it’s a fuckin solid track…there’s no knocking it as an epic opening; but when you combine that with […]Read More

SBS 2014 Readers Poll

Compiled from a vast list of impressive talent we’ve witnessed through our reviews this past year between Dec. 15th 2013 and Dec. 15th 2014. Of all the albums and sounds that came our way this year, each of these amazing bands stood out solidly apart from the rest with killer new material we still spin […]Read More

Jungo Benko – Jungo Benko

Jungo Benko – Jungo Benko – EP Review Very interesting assembly of tracks here from Tel Aviv’s Jungo Benko! Gotta admit, I’m not too familiar with the Israel music scene right now, but if this is any indication of what’s happening there, I might just pack up and move there for a bit. Jungo Benko’s […]Read More

Patrick James Clark – Letters To Beatrice

Patrick James Clark – Letters To Beatrice – EP Review Alright…Patrick James Clark! You and I sir…we’ve got something to discuss before I get into reviewing your music sir…yep, that’s right mister, not another word from me about your excellent songwriting until we resolve this beef I’ve got with ya… You see my friend…it’s just […]Read More

First Order Condition – Colorblind

First Order Condition – Colorblind – Album Review This is one of the more interesting blends of the rock genre that I’ve heard in a while. I’ll have to admit…at first I wasn’t sure…I was approaching First Order Condition, also known as F.O.C., with a caution of sorts; I was afraid that I might be […]Read More

We Are Galilee – Arrival

We Are Galilee – Arrival – EP Review You know…oddly enough…I think if I was to look back through our entire history there would be less than a handful of reviews on what I’d consider to fit into the ‘dance-music’ category. With the partitions in this genre being so extremely-edged, parameters like electronic/dance music can […]Read More

Dimestore Prophets – Be Yourself

Dimestore Prophets – Be Yourself – EP Review Boy-O…have you ever gone to sleep with nothing but the intention of seeing the clock spin forward and find yourself in the throes of another day…only to awaken merely hours later, compellingly refreshed like you had spent the entire winter hibernating and conserving your energy? Cause that’s […]Read More

The New SBS Homepage Sets Records!

What can I say everyone?  THANK YOU. Watching these numbers skyrocket stemming from our new design combined with our outstanding content and YOUR amazing music and talents…it’s an incredibly beautiful thing to see.  There have been so many incredible highlights upon this journey…but to see this, it’s purely quantifiable, genuine and completely awesome.  You certainly […]Read More

DF3 – “Tell Me”

DF3 – “Tell Me” – Single Review Synth-pop band DF3 have just released their debut single into the world and it’s a hot one; “Tell Me” is a flawless production through and through, showing real promise for this 3 piece band for the future to come. With its slow and steady pulse and driving chorus, […]Read More