Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu”

 Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu”

Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu” – Music Video Post

See if you can guess which side of the fence notorious punkster Trey Wonder is on eh?  #tellushowyoureallyfeelbrother

Meanwhile…someone pour me another round of Jack & vaccine will ya?  Yum yum.  Ya may as well bring another there bartender my friend…just keep’em comin.’  Of course I can cover the tab!  Just let me get out my…credit card here…oops…sorry…that’s just the oversized picture of that hero & humanitarian Dr. Fauci that I keep in my wallet…ahh – here it is, right underneath it, there you go.  Now please, if you will…another round of Modernas, J&Js and Pfizers for the table…

As much as I’d obviously like Trey to see things from another perspective – it’d almost be weird to find him not going against the grain…that’s what real Punk has always been about, and he owns that.  I’ve talked with him enough to know he’s an intelligent dude…we might not see eye to eye on this particular issue, but when it comes to the fundamentals of what the spirit of Punk music is all about we tend to find common ground.  Normally, I’d stay in my lane and stick to that stuff – but let’s be real here – “Man Made Flu” is intentionally provocative to the nth degree, so congrats my friend-o, mission accomplished.  Wonder’s representing those out there that see things from the tyranny side on his new single…we’re never gonna agree on that, so it kinda just is what it is – I’ve run up against this before, and the main thing we’ll end up with in common is that we’ll certainly agree to disagree, but that’s really about it.  I’m all about putting your opinion out there – regardless of whether or not I think it’s correct – that doesn’t matter whatsoever to me…if you’re willing to put it out there, I assume you’re ready to take what all comes atcha, and all the more power to ya.  If the argument can hold up, right on – that should be good & no problemo for anyone.

*Bartender – a top-up if you please…heavy on the medicine thanks…

So who knows…maybe I’m just part of the problem to Trey Wonder…I’m okay with that; I have to own that as well.  Maybe years down the road when I sprout a third arm outta my forehead from slugging down all these Pfizer Coladas, he and I can have a regular beer & a good laugh about how very wrong I was…assuming the human race hasn’t wiped itself out from a complete lack of an ability to somehow work together by then, obviously.  Stay tuned for that folks!  All I know is this – it’s another pandemic tune…I get a lot of’em that come my way on both sides of the fence…and I’m long over it on a personal level…in my estimation we’ve all gotta find a way to shift our minds in a more positive direction, if only for the sake of the art & music we create not all being about the exact same thing we’re already talking about and living inside of each and every single day right now.  But maybe that’s just me!  Maybe you’re like, hellllllz yeah, pandemic tunes!  Maybe you like them as much as I like vaccines or as much as Trey Wonder doesn’t!  Either way, have yourself a look & a listen to what he’s come up with – no one gets to live inside of a bubble here, we’ve all got opinions, we’ve all got a certain way we feel about it all – and ultimately, I do respect artists like Trey that are unafraid to put themselves out there, regardless of what anyone else thinks or has to say in response – in fact, as a dedicated Punk, I guarantee he’s expecting it.

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